Beach Speedo Guys: Good or Bad? Hot or Not?

Beach Speedo Guys: Good or Bad? Should men wear Speedo swimsuits when they go to the beach? We here at Famewatcher are divided on the matter.

Deena and yours truly say it is okay if they do while Kevin and Rosa believe that men should, to use their own words, “eschew the Speedo” in public beaches or areas like a public beach.

But it ain’t just us here at Famewatcher who are divided. In fact, the public at large is just as divided when it comes to beach Speedos. Some people love ’em while some people just hate ’em.

Anyhoo, Deena and I came up with a list of beach Speedo guys with the hope that you will agree with us that wearing Speedo suits to the beach is good and hot and that you’ll disagree with Kevin and Rosa’s “eschew the Speedo” chant.

If Zach Galifianakis says it is okay to wear a Speedo to the beach, who are we to disagree?

Zach Galifianakis Swimsuit vanity fair

Cliff Richard in white Speedo. If Sir Cliff Richard says one can wear Speedo, who are we to disagree? Hehe.

vintage speedo - cliff richard at the beach

Daniel Macpherson and a friend in briefs-style Speedo suit. Want more Men in Speedos?

daniel macpherson speedo swimsuit2

Wissam Hanna is a Lebanese male model and a beauty king — he won the Mister International 2005 title.

wissam hanna swimsuit

Brazilian male model Rafael Lemes. Now we should have more men wearing white Speedos to the beach, no?

white speedo swimsuit briefs - Brazilian Rafael Lemes

Majak Daw of North Melbourne FC. See, even rugby players — the manliest of sportsmen — love them their beach Speedo.

beach speedo guys Majak Daw speedo rugby - north melbourne fc - afl

Stewart Crameri of the Western Bulldogs of the AFL.

Stewart Crameri speedo rugby - western bulldogs - afl

Josh Kennedy of the Sydney Swans during a recovery session at Coogee Beach. Want more rugby Speedo hunks? Check out Luke O’Donnell.

Josh Kennedy in speedo - Swans swims during a recovery session at Coogee Beach

British celebrity Jack Wilshere opts to wear a teeny weeny Speedo suit during a vacation in Dubai.

beach speedo hunk jack wilshere

Aussie Olympic swimmers don their Speedo in Manly Beach.

beach speedo hunks Australian Olympic Swimmers in manly beach

British fashion designer Marc Jacobs with then boyfriend Brazilian hottie Lorenzo Martone

marcjacobs - lorenzo martone beach3

Let’s end this post with Ricky Martin rocking his Speedo.

beach speedo hunk - ricky martin - singer

So what do you think of our list of beach Speedo hunks? We hope we convinced you that wearing Speedos to the beach is not only A-OK but also adds spice to your beach adventures.

Beach Speedo Guys: Good or Bad? Hot or Not? Posted 12 June 2016. Last updated: August 20, 2020 at 7:39 am.