Bayardo De Murguia Shirtless, Girlfriend, Tiny Pretty Things

Bayardo De Murguia Shirtless, Girlfriend, Tiny Pretty Things. Famewatchers, say hi to Bayardo de Murguia our hot zaddy hunk of the day. Bayardo is an actor who will be starring in the new Netflix show Tiny Pretty Things about ballet dancers in an elite dance academy in NYC.

Specifically, our Latino hunk will be playing Ramon. He tells us more about the character he plays in an interview with “My character is a bad boy choreographer, and ex-alumni of the Archer School of Ballet that gets brought back in to choreograph and work with the students for the yearly piece that they’re doing. He’s a very passionate person, very honest, he tells it how it is, and he uses unconventional teaching methods to bring the best and worst out.”

Bayardo De Murguia body - pretty little things

Apparently, of the hunky members of the cast we’ve been blogging about, only Bayardo does not have a dance training but he does have a background in contact sports which is why he’s in tune with his body. He mentions in his Tell-Tale TV interview that they underwent dance rehearsals and that his introduction to the world of dance was made easier by his helpful castmates and choreographers:

For me, as a person who didn’t have a huge dance background, I was lucky enough to have all these wonderful castmates that are so good at dancing that they would teach me when they could. The choreographers also tailored certain things to me and my ability, and when you see it on the show it’s like all these intricate, beautiful dance scenes that are so awesome.

Bayardo De Murguia Shirtless Hunk. Some shirtless pics of our hot zaddy for the thirsty hos among us.

Bayardo De Murguia body

Want more hot Latino men?

Bayardo De Murguia shirtless body

Bayardo De Murguia shirtless latino hunk

Bayardo De Murguia shirtless zaddy

He looks hot when he’s wearing clothes too.

Bayardo De Murguia hot in suit

Bayardo De Murguia hot men in jeans

We especially love these ones where he’s with his motorcycle. Very James Deany.

Bayardo De Murguia hot men in tank tops

Bayardo De Murguia hot motorcycle hunks

Bayardo de Murguia Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? He is straight and, from what we gathered from his Instagram page (follow him @bayardod) he is in a relationship with actress Gabriela Fresquez. They look good together, don’t they?

Bayardo De Murguia girlfriend wife - Gabriela Fresquez

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