Batman Underwear for Men: Celebrities and Male Models

Batman Underwear for Men: Celebrities and Male Models. How much of a comic book geek are you that you don’t mind if your girl (or boy) sees you wearing superhero underwear? Well, considering the fact that people are love, love, loving The Avengers (worldwide box office: one billion dollars and counting), we don’t think wearing superhero undies is “uncool” as it was in, say, the 80s-90s.

A famous person who obviously loves him his superhero underwear is Glee actor Mark Salling. Check out his peekabo Batman undies in the photo below. This isn’t the first time he’s been photographed wearing Batman briefs so he must have several pairs in his closet. [Want to see more Mark Salling Underwear Photos?]

Batman Underwear for Men

As it happens, Mark isn’t the only celebrity spotted wearing Batman undies. Apparently, American mixed martial arts fighter Alan Belcher is also a fan of the caped crusader. Check out a weigh-in photo of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black-belter for one of his bouts.

Batman Underwear for Men celebrity

For those of you who are wondering, Alan is a bad-ass MMA fighter; he currently holds a win-loss record of 18 wins and only 6 losses. [Want more MMA Fighters in Underwear?]

Did you know that some designer labels couldn’t resist making and selling Batman underwear for men? Here’s a pretty cool black boxer briefs from the Italian brand, Diesel. It’s actually pretty chic and sophisticated, don’t you think?

Now, check out these hunky male models in Batman briefs. Would you be as excited as this guy to show off your Batman undies?

batman underwear for men - male model

The next one is probably our favorite Batman underwear. What about you, which of these is your favorite?

mens batman underwear - male model

For more novelty under clothings for men, you might one to check out Ricky Gervais’ Tickle Me Elmo Underwear as well as these Hello Kitty Boxer Briefs. You think only little girls love them their Hello Kitties? Well, think again. The mouth-free Japanese kitten has definitely crossed over to other demographic groups.

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