Basshunter Shirtless, Gay or Girlfriend, Underwear, and Fashion Style

Basshunter Shirtless, Gay or Girlfriend, Underwear, and Fashion Style. Want more Basshunter shirtless photos? Of course you do! So we are updating this post to bring you what you want. We begin with this gorgeous photo courtesy of Leonard Gren Photography.

basshunter body by Leonard Gren Photography2

A rear view of Basshunter shirtless.

basshunter naked

Topless in jeans. Want more Hot Swedish Men?

Let’s take a glimpse of Basshunter’s underwear — it’s a Hugo Boss.

And here’s a full look of his undies. Well, it’s not really a full look because it is partially hidden by the girl who may or may not be his girlfriend.

Basshunter Gay or Girlfriend? Is Basshunter gay or straight? He is straight! In fact, our friends at say that he is very straight. Here’s his gaydar score according to said site:

Basshunter gaydar: According to 66 visitors Basshunter is 47% gay. However, the average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Basshunter is very straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.

Does he have a girlfriend? According to wikipedia, he tied the knot with Tina Makhia Khayatsadeh last July 2016. Apparently, the two have been dating for two years before they tied the knot. Here’s a photo of the couple when they were still dating.

basshunter girlfriend Tina Makhia Khayatsadeh

Basshunter Wedding Photos. Found some Basshunter and Tina wedding photos.

basshunter marriage wife

basshunter wedding

Basshunter Shirtless (posted 10 March 2012). Here’s a Cosmo Magazine photo of Swedish hunk Jonas Erik Altberg aka Basshunter stripping for the magazine’s Everyman male cancer awareness campaign.

What’s Basshunter been doing these days? Well, his most recent “big project” would be his participation in BBC’s Celebrity Big Brother where he cozied up with fellow housemate Ekaterina Ivanova.

Anyhoo check out this other awesome photo of our Jonas in his black singlet shirt.


And here’s a photoshopped image of Jonas in mankini, brought to us by The Sun after he promised to wear a mankini underwear if his album continues to be Number One in its fourth week. We don’t know if he got his wish and if he fulfilled his promise of posing in his mankini.

Update: Basshunter’s Cosmo Magazine photo as well as his mankini underwear pic have been moved to our Male Celebrity Underwear Gallery.But because we love you so much, we’re gonna upload this photo of Basshunter at the Celebrity Big Brother house.

That’s our Bass in white briefs with another of our favorite celebrities, Alex Reid, who we love for his cross-dressing ways (see Alex Reid as Crossdressing Roxanne). The above photo, by the way, prompted some Facebook netizens to change Basshunter’s name to Asshunter which we think is very appropriate. Hehe.

Because we transferred Basshunter’s “birthday suit” photo, we think it’s kind of apt to replace it with this photo of our Swedish superstar DJ looking fab in his suit.

Okay, that cigarette isn’t fab at all but you gotta agree that he rocks when he goes formal. Check him out in this tuxedo.

But, we like him better when he goes casual in leather jacket and jeans. Don’t you?

Lastly, here’s something for those of you looking for Basshunter’s tattoo. We’re pretty sure no one’s surprised it’s a letter B, no?

Basshunter Shirtless, Gay or Girlfriend, Underwear, and Fashion Style
. Originally published 18 February 2010. Latest update on 22 May 2017.