Sam Kass Hot Bald Chef, Shirtless, Wife Alex Wagner

sam kass hot bald chef

Sam Kass Hot Bald Chef, Shirtless, Wife Alex Wagner. We are updating this post on one of the hottest bald guys in the world because, well, because we want to. Hehe. Actually, we just want to share these photos of the guy which we grabbed from his Instagram account which the BaldWatchers and ChefWatchers among us might want to follow (@samkassdc).

Michael Bradley Shirtless: Gay or Girlfriend?

michael bradley shirtless - us v ghana 2014 wc

Michael Bradley Shirtless Photos. We are so falling in love with this guy. He’s giving us many reasons to. First of all, we love us our sexy bald guys. Then, he supports the gay community (which our dear friend Kevin appreciates). Then, finally, he’d rather stay at home and take care of his family. What’s not to love about a guy like that, huh?