Bald Handsome Men: Patrick Stewart and Other Hairless Hunks

Bald Handsome Men: Patrick Stewart and Other Hairless Hunks. So, we decided to update this post to give you more handsome bald men. In the end, probably you can help us the most handsome bald men of them all? If you want a bald hunk who is also a certified badass, you can’t go wrong if you pick Patrick Stewart!

handsome bald men - patrick stewart

Now, if you are looking for a younger bald guy who have been going to the gym, then you should pick Morris Chestnut.

black handsome bald men - morris chestnut

Next in our list of handsome bald men is Peter Van Der Veen who looks deliciously evil in this photo with his dog and all. We know he is a celebrity bodyguard but don’t you think Hollywood is missing an opportunity for not giving him projects?

handsome bald men peter van der veen

Lastly, we saved our favorite in this list: our imaginary bald beau Paul Hodgson. He is sooo beyond gorgeous, no?

handsome bald men - paul hodgson

ORIGINAL POST (10 August 2009) – Brett Silvers: Bald Hunk of the Day. Oh wow. Look at that really really shiny head on Brett Silvers. It’s so hot, hot, hawt. Makes us fall in love with him. He would be committing a crime if he ever grows some hair or uses a wig that would hide that awesome bald head.

handsome bald men - brett silvers

Want more men who are embracing their baldness? Check out these bald male hotties. They’re really hot, eh? And we still haven’t added the hottest of them all like that Yul Brynner guy. Wait until we get hold of his photos.

Who is this Brett Silvers dude? Well, he is an actor who has done adult films. In particular, his movies are made for those who like men boinking each other. You know what we mean, right? Interestingly, his IMDB profile lists only one movie, 8.5 or 8 1/2. But he must have starred in more than one film because he was active from 2001 to 2007.

Brett is from California. Is 5’10” tall and weighs 160 pounds. He also boasts of a package that’s been measured at 8.5 which, as you may have noted already, is the title of his IMDB-listed movie.

If you know what this guy is up do these days, do share your info with us in the comments.

Bald Handsome Men: Patrick Stewart and Other Hairless Hunks. First posted 10 August 2009. Last updated: August 12, 2023 at 7:20 am.