Bald Black Men Are Hot: Mehcad, Boris, Taye, Common

Bald Black Men are Hot. You agree that bald men are hot, right? Well, actually, not all bald men can rock the look but when they do they can outhot anybody. They most certainly can outhot even the likes of Brad Pitt. For instance, isn’t Boris Kodjoe hotter than Brad. Seriously, he does.

Anyhoo, we came up with a list of bald black men who are rocking the no-hair look. We begin with actor Mehcad Brooks who, a few years ago, fronted a Calvin Klein underwear campaign.

mehcad brooks hot in supergirl

Another actor who makes it to our list is, of course, Boris Kodjoe who’s seen here rocking not only his hairlessness but also his Nike tank top shirt.

Boris Kodjoe in Nike All Day Mens Waffle Training Pants

Furthermore, another bald black guy who looks good without hair is Tyson Beckford. Like Mehcad and Boris, he is also in the acting and modeling biz.

celebrity polo ralph lauren underwear - tyson beckford

Sometimes, bald men give off that “powerful don’t eff with me vibe or I’m gonna eff you more”. Taye Diggs is giving off said vibe in the next pic below which we find very attractive.

bald actors - taye diggs

Rapper Common rocks his green leather jacket as well as his bald look.

green leather jacket - common - rapper

Next in our list is actor Coby Bell. We fell in love with him the first time we watched him on TV. We are still in love with him now. He is, in our mind, our handsome bald black boyfriend.

bald black men - coby bell3

Meanwhile, our friend Deena is crushing on actor Jay Ellis. What is he doing in the pic below? It’s either he is participating in a male beauty pageant or maybe he’s just modeling underwear. But, then again, maybe he is acting for a movie or something.

bald black men - jay ellis

Eighth in our list of African-American guys who rock the bald look is Morris Chestnut. We can’t decide which of his really hot photos we are going to use so we decided to include both of them. First, here’s one:

bald black men - Morris Chestnut

And here’s another Morris Chestnut awesomeness. You can’t decide which you like better either, right?

bald black men - Morris Chestnut2a

Last but not the least in our list is British actor Ricky Whittle. Okay, this is supposed to be U.S. list but we can’t resist Ricky’s awesomeness so we had to add him here.

bald black men - ricky whittle

That’s it for now, fellow Famewatchers. Which of the above guys is your favorite? Are there other men we should have added to the list?

Update: We’re adding another model who is rocking to this post. His name is Darrell Walden Jr and has modeled for Giorgio Armani; Givenchy (exclusive), and Louis Vuitton (exclusive).

bald black men are hot darrell walden jr

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