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Austin Mahone Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend, Awards. What’s Justin Bieber’s kissing buddy doing these days? Okay, before we give the answer, we should underscore that Austin and Justin ain’t no kissin’ buddies. As we noted in our post back in 2014, the image was photoshopped and there was actually a girl between them.

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Now that we got that out of the way, we should now answer the Q on what the singer slash songwriter is doing these days. Well, he continues to make music and, since our original post in 2014, at least three of his singles have been certified platinum. Pretty cool achievement, huh?

Apparently, he’s also created an account on OnlyFans where he is sharing photos and maybe videos of himself in various states of undress. Mind you, he isn’t the only legit celebrity to join the racy website. Other famous guys who posted on the site include Tyler Posey, Chris Brown, Tyga, DJ Khaled and Fat Joe, Chris Salvatore, ANTM’s Marvin Cortes, Daniel Newman, and several others. Here are two photos posted by Austin in his page which we, unfortunately, had to censor because we are afraid of Grandma Akita. Hehe.

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Wait, there’s more pics of the singer shirtless and in his underoos. This is from other sources though.

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Austin Mahone Awards List. To date, he’s brought home nine awards according to wikipedia. Among others, he brought home trophies from MTV Video Music Awards, MTV Europe VMA, Teen Choice Awards, Young Hollywood and Radio Disney Music Awards.

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Austin Mahone Girlfriend. He does not appear to be seeing anyone at the moment but, in the past, he dated singer Camila Cabello and model Katya Elise Henry. Here’s Austin and Katya back when they were an item:

austin mahone girlfriend - Katya Elise Henry 2016

Austin Mahone Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? (17 June 2017). Is Austin Mahone gay or straight? Well, if you saw the above photo of him kissing Justin Bieber, you would be forgiven if you think he is the former rather than the latter. But you’d be mistaken. For in this day and age, a photo can be easily manipulated and faked.


Here’s the original, it’s actually a pic of the two young singers kissing a young female fan.

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The Gossip Cop tells us more about the Austin kisses Justin controversy and clarifies what happened:

A hoax news site is spreading the fake rumor that Justin Bieber supposedly announced he’s “bi” on Twitter and purportedly shared a picture in which he’s seen kissing Austin Mahone before deleting it.

The outlet posted a photoshopped screenshot of the alleged tweet, which shows the two pop stars kissing in a studio, along with Bieber’s caption, “Meet my new boyfriend. I’m Bi, so what? f*ck what anyone thinks”.

It then quotes Bieber as telling reporters, “I don’t care what anyone thinks, after what happened with Selena and me, I decided to try guys too, and Austin is so fine.”

The whole thing is 100 percent phony.

Okay, now that that is clarified, does our Austin have a girlfriend or is he in any kind of relationship with a significant other? According to, he’s been rumored to have dated the following girls in 2013: Becky G, Stefanie Scott, Camila Cabello. The rumor these days is that he is dating singer/actress Kira Kosarin. But these are just rumors and who knows whether they are true or not.

What is true and verifiable is that Austin likes to go shirtless and that he’s into low hang fashion such that his underwear peeks up his pants. Which is why we know that he likes them Under Armour underwear. He is also a workout buff. So you should not wonder why he’s got those sixpack abs. Check out out lifting weights?

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Trying to build your biceps, eh Austin?

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