Asian Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Mia Lee Before and After Photos

Asian Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Mia Lee Before and After Photos. Before and after plastic surgery photos of Asian news anchor Mia Lee. Our friend who saw these pics must have the most apt description of Mia’s surgical transformation: “She was so pretty before, looks kind of trashy now.” We certainly agree with his assessment of Mia’s new look. How sad.

Here’s a photo of Mia Lee before her alleged plastic surgery adventures:

mia lee plastic surgery before and after

And here’s a picture of Mia after her alleged transformation:

mia lee plastic surgery after

Another one:

asian celebrity plastic surgery mia lee

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Anyhoo, here’s what some surgeons are saying about Mia’s new look and how it compares to her previous appearance:

Dr David Shafer: “Mia Lee’s lips look injected in the most recent pictures. Otherwise, it is unclear if she had any procedures.”

Dr Sherrell J Aston: “I am not familiar with Mrs. Lee or her work but after reviewing her pictures it looks like she has had several plastic surgery procedures. Her breast implants are very large and do not look natural. I would suggest that perhaps a smaller implant size might give her a more appealing look. She also appears to have had facial plastic surgery; it is especially noticeable in her eye and mouth area. She looks very tight around the eyes and her forehead looks elevated also. It is likely that Mrs. Lee has had a Brow Lift and a Blepharoplasty to achieve this look. In addition to these surgical procedures it is also possible that she has had fillers in her lips.”

What do you think of Mia Lee’s plastic surgeries? Is it good or bad? Awesome or terrible? Did it enhance her look or did it make her a generic beauty? Tell us what you think in the comment section.

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