Ashton Kutcher Underwear: Tighty Whitie Briefs + Boxer Shorts

Ashton Kutcher Underwear: Tighty Whitie Briefs and Boxer Shorts. Hey look, it’s Ashton Kutcher aka The King of Twitter in his tighty whitie underwear. Maybe he shares his underwear with his wife Demi Moore who we have earlier seen wearing white undies? Nah, not really, this image is from a photoshoot for VMan magazine and was taken by noted fashion photographer Mario Testino.

ashton kutcher underwear ck tighty whitie2

Anyways, we should ask footballer Marco Borriello, who reportedly want to check if Beckham is real down there, to also do the same thing with Ashton. What do you think?

ashton kutcher briefs underwear - tighty whitie

Other Ashton Kutcher underwear modeling photos show him wrestling with the boys in this photoshoot for Abercrombie and Fitch. Obviously, this was taken when he was much younger and before he became a legit big star in Hollywood.

ashton kutcher young underwear model

He’s so happy, he’s gonna jump in his briefs.

ashton kutcher underpants

Ashton Kutcher in Boxer Shorts (24 April 2009). Here’s something to add to your list of male celebrities in their underwear: Ashton “King of Twitter” Kutcher in his boxer shorts. We guess this proves that he doesn’t limit his underwear choices to just tighty whitie briefs.

ashton kutcher underwear white boxer shorts

Black Boxer Shorts for Ashton Kutcher (09 June 2010). Ashton Kutcher looking wet and awesome in his black boxers underwear. We think this photo is from the movie he made with Katherine Heigl. We can’t remember the title of the movie now and we’re too tired to look it up. Maybe you know?


ashton kutcher swim trunks

Male Body Waxing: Ashton Kutcher Video (27 March 2009). Chest hair-hating Ashton “My Neighbor is Noisy” Kutcher gets his chest waxed. Damn, Ashton is getting yummier and yummier as he ages. Hey Ashton, where’s the video when you were getting your Brazilian waxing? Come on, be a darling and upload it on Youtube, okay?

Men’s White Suit: Ashton Kutcher, VMan Coverboy (05 January 2009). Ashton looks good in this suit doesn’t he? What a classy and classic look. Too bad not a lot of men wear white suits these days. Of course, given that you have to be neat freak to wear white clothes, its not surprising that this is the case. Still, male fashion would be less boring if men do not stick to their basic dark suits, no?

ashton kutcher v man white shot

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