Ashton Irwin Shirtless: Gay or Straight? Has Girlfriend or Single?

Look who’s wearing an animal print coat? Good thing it does not look like the real deal skinned of a leopard or else animal activists from PETA will chase this guys ass till kingdom come. Who is the guy, you ask? Well, fellow clueless Famewatcher, that guy is Ashton Irwin. He’s a member of the band, 5 Seconds of Summer, that teen girls and tweensters are going gaga about.

ashton irwin fashion - leopard print coat

Urban Dictionary has an interesting entry on him which we are copying because it’s a fun introduction to this Aussie singer:

Ashton Irwin is a sexy drummer from a smokin hot band called 5 Seconds Of Summer. He always wears tops which reveal his muscular dummer arms and sometimes these tops make him have a nip slip but its okay because its Ashton. He also has these oh so cute dimples which make you wanna puke. He has sexy messy curls on his head what make me wanna puncture my heart. All in all he is a sexy piece of ass whos mating call is jigglypuff.

Want some Ashton Irwin shirtless photos? Here you go:

ashton irwin shirtless - abs

This young guy’s got some abs. We’re impressed.

ashton irwin shirtless - beach holiday with dog

With a random dog at the beach.

ashton irwin shirtless 5sos

Who you textin’?

ashton irwin underwear - red briefs

Apparently, Ashton likes him his briefs rather than boxers.

ashton irwin biceps muscles

Some basic facts about Ashton which we culled from are: He just turned 20 this month (date of birth 7 July 1994). He is pretty tall at 6 feet and “has really big hands.”

He likes the movie Pursuit of Happiness, the TV show Family Guy, singer James Morrison, the band Coldplay, visual arts, heavy music, banana milkshakes, crocs, windchimes (he likes “the way they chime”), summer and winter, chicken noodles over beef, peach ice tea, spaghetti, blonde jokes, Justin Bieber, Christianity (he is a big Christian), vanilla-scented candles, pineapple, and Dragon Ball Z.

He dislikes needles (afraid of them), the dark (scared of it), olives, and ducks. Ducks? What in hell does he have against ducks?

Is Ashton Irwin Gay or Straight? He is straight but according to, he could turn gay for John Mayer. Why John Mayer? The guy is a prick who moves from one girl to another. A gay Ashton should pick a better man, maybe someone like, say, Josh Hutcherson. Or, if he wants someone older (like Mayer), Adam Levine will be an outstanding choice. Haha. What do you think? Who should Ashton turn gay for?

Is Ashton Irwin Dating a Girlfriend? No he is single at the moment but he dated a girl named Jasmine Dorhauer. There relationship lasted about a year.

Ashton had his first kiss when he was 16 years old. When asked about his type of girl, he answered that he like “Girls that are unique and beautiful in their own way.” Well, that could apply to anybody. Girls, he is not ruling out any type. Yay! Since everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way, each means that all of us (including an oldster like yours truly) have a chance of dating him. Haha. Oh by the way, his celebrity crushes are Hayley Williams and Jade from Little Mix.