Ashley Dupre TJ Earle Married Life, Family, and Baby Photo

Ashley Dupre TJ Earle Last Update: So this update is several years late but since it is our final update, you should know that Ashley and TJ gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Her name is Izabel Jagger Earle.

ashley dupre tj earle baby photo

Ashley Dupre TJ Earle sat on a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Now they have a beautiful baby. Belated congratulations, you two!

Update: Ashley Dupre TJ Earle Wedding. Did you know that Ashley married a construction magnate? His name is Thomas “TJ” Earle. Of course you want a photo of the couple, don’t you?

ashley dupre tj earle wedding photos

Damn! He’s also kind of hot, no? If she ain’t a lucky girl, we don’t know what lucky means. Who wouldn’t want a good-looking and rich man for a hubby? We all do, that’s for sure!

Previous Post on Ashley Dupre (20 June 2011). What is Ashley Dupre doing these days? Well, from the time she was the center of media attention because of her involvement with the Spitzer scandal, this generation’s most famous call-girl has done a lot of pretty cool things such as:

  • Be an advice columnist for the New York Post via her column, “Ask Ashley”.
  • Release two singles: “Move Ya Body” and “What We Want”. The latter was reportedly “played more than 3 million times on the Internet after the scandal erupted” according to wikipedia. Some speculators say that she may have made anywhere from US$300,000 – US$1.4 million from the download sales of her songs. While others place her musical income to only about US$13,720.
  • She was featured in the May 2010 issue of Playboy magazine. She, of course, posed au naturel.
  • According to the Hollywood Gossip she’s teamed up with reality stars Danielle Staub, Heidi Montag and Jake Pavelka for a reality show called Cafe Med. We don’t have the full information about the show but it has something to do with the restaurant business, or maybe cooking, or maybe … well, we really don’t know. Hehe.

We don’t care about the ladies in the upcoming reality show but we’d watch it if it features a lot of a shirtless Jake Pavelka. Hehe.

Ashley Dupre: Bikini Swimwear Photos (30 August 2010). Remember Ashley Dupre, the girl involved in the downfall of NY Governor Elliot Spitzer? In case you forgot, here’s a sexy pic of her in a bikini swimwear. And she’s now some kind of a celebrity as them paparazzi are taking her photos like these ones. [Sorry, we deleted the Ashley Dupre bikini photos.]

French Ladies Watches: Cartier Pasha Watch for Ashley Dupre (29 September 2010). Remember Ashley Dupre? She’s the New York hooker who kinda brought down Governor Elliot Spitzer. Well, we have no update on what she’s doing now but since we’re blogging about ladies watches today, let’s check out her elegant Cartier Pasha watch. She may be an escort but she does know her watches.

So you want to take a closer look at Ashley’s Cartier? Then do check it out below.

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