Asaf Goren Gay or Girlfriend? Shirtless, Underwear, SYTYCD

Asaf Goren Gay or Girlfriend? Shirtless, Underwear, SYTYCD. The SYTYCD star that Season 12 has been waiting for may finally be here in the person of Asaf Goren! He’s got some killer moves that every dancer should be envious of. He’s gorgeous and handsome and a body to-die-for. And he’s got a great, winsome personality. If that ain’t a triple threat, we don’t know what is.

We hope he goes all the way to the finals and win the competition.

Asaf Goren Underwear Model. Wanna see Asaf in his underoos? You are lucky because aside from being a great dancer, he is also a male model who is signed with Wilhelmina Los Angeles. His modeling stats according to his Wilhelmina page are as follows: Height 6’1″; Waist 32″; Suit 40″ R; Inseam 32″; Shoes 9; Eyes Brown; Hair Black.

Question for those of you in the know: Is 6’1″ a tall guy for a dancer? Or is that pretty much the standard height for male dancers?

Here’s Asaf in Calvin Klein tighty whitie briefs and in Hugo Boss boxer briefs.

asaf goren underwear model - hugo boss boxers and ck white briefs

Asaf on the runway for Carioca Wear in a pair of briefs-style swimsuit.

asaf goren modeling swimsuit - cariocawear runway model

And here’s our Israeli hunk taking selfies in his underwear and swimwear. [Want some Jewish hunks?]

asaf goren body - guys with iphones2

Funny how Guys With iPhones was so “special” and a little bit scandalous a few years ago. Now, taking selfies in your underwear is an every day thing for everyone so even our grandmama does not bat an eyelash when she sees photos like Asaf’s. Hehe.

Asaf Goren Gay or Straight? We don’t know. But our gay friend Kevin is wishing that Asaf turns out to be a friend of Dorothy. Hehe. That’s our Kev, he wishes every gorgeous male celebrity to be gay because he, in his dream world, would have a chance with them.

Anyhoo, here’s a picture of Asaf with a girl and a boy. Maybe that’s his girlfriend. Or maybe that’s his boyfriend. Or maybe, and this is the likeliest answer, the three are just modeling swimwear.

asaf goren shirtless and underwear - gay or straight

Lets end this post with this picture of Asaf working out in his Nike men’s leggings.

asaf goren working out in nike mens leggings2

Remember when some people raised their eyebrows at men wearing leggings? Well, like underwear selfies, meggings or mens leggings are a very “in thing” now. The otherwise gayish outfit is, without a doubt, mainstreamed by famous and manly athletes, like LeBron James, who love them their meggings.

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