Asa Butterfield Otis Milburn Sex Education Jacket: Where to Buy?

Asa Butterfield Otis Milburn S*x Education Jacket: Where to Buy? Today in male celebrity jackets, we bring you Asa Butterfield and the jacket he wears on the Netflix show, S*x Education. Our friend Kevin is curious about what brand it is and where he can buy one for himself. We know he is not the only one interested in this brown, red, and blue colorblock jacket because Deena told us that she’d like one for herself too.

asa butterfield otis jacket - vintage wrangler

It’s not surprising that people are interested in this outfit because it is a good looking jacket. It is eye catching so it gets people’s attention but it’s not loud or dazzzling to the point that people only focus on the outfit and not see the person wearing it. That’s the best kind of outfit, if you ask us.

Unfortunately for Kevin, Deena, and others who would like to buy this jacket, this is apparently a vintage jacket and so it’s not easy to come by. How do we know this? Because the man himself tells us in an interview with Teen Vouge Magazine:

Teen Vogue: The colors and fashion in the show are great, and Otis’s jacket, in particular, is so dope. What’s the story behind it?

Asa Butterfield: It was vintage. What’s the… is it Wrangler? It might be Wrangler. It’s an old one. I remember, I’d wear it, and then every time if I wasn’t working or if I was eating lunch, they’re like, “No, no, no, no! Just go take the jacket in.” There’s one of them, they didn’t want anything to happen to that jacket. I tried on a lot of jackets before we settled on the jacket, ’cause it is kind of becomes a part of his character a little bit. And yeah, the costumes, and the setting, and the colors and the school, it’s all got this quite kind of John Hughes-ey, a bit ’80’s, not really sure where it is, and with the music as well, it all kind of leads into this slightly timeless setting.

If we are Wrangler, we’d immediately start making this jacket again and make it available again in the market. Seriously Wrangler people, get your act together and sell us this jacket!

where to buy asa butterfield otis milburn jacket