Arron Lowe Underwear Model, MMA Fighter, and Big Brother Star

Arron Lowe Underwear Model and Big Brother Reality Star. Eight years later, we are updating this post to bring you some more modeling photos of our hot British Big Brother house guest as well as some of his pics inside the house — yeah, we know that we are eight years late but better late than never, no?

arron lowe big brother bulge

Arron in red PVC shorts. Do people actually wear PVC clothes in the UK?

arron lowe bulge big brother

Seems like the former houseguest is no longer doing MMA fights but he continues to do some modeling. Want more Hot British Men?

arron lowe big brother body

Looking cool in a pair of Emporio Armani boxer briefs.

arron lowe underwear model - boxer briefs by emporio armani

Arron Lowe Underwear Model, MMA Fighter, and Big Brother Star posted 7 June 2012. Famewatchers, we have a new imaginary reality-TV boyfriend. His name is Arron Lowe. He is a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, a male model and, for those of you who are watching BBC’s reality-TV programs, he is one of the housemate’s of the current edition of Big Brother.

Here are some things you should know about our imaginary boyfriend:

Where he’s from: Arron Lowe is from Rawtenstall which is north of Manchester, England. According to wikipedia, Rawtenstall is also the birthplace/home of supermodel Agyness Deyn , footballers Mark Brennan and Lee Cartwright, actress Jane Horrocks, and a few others.

His family: According to, Arron is one of seven children. His family keeps him grounded but are supportive of his career choices.

Here’s what he says about his family (via “They keep me grounded and make sure my head doesn’t get too big and when we are having a catch up and I start talking about my modeling they are quick to knock me down and ask when I am going to get my haircut, thanks guys.”

More about Arron’s family from “Over lunch he tells me about his family abut more and that both of his parents follow his every move, have pictures on the fireplace, promote him to their friends and never fail to mock him if he looks like he is getting an ego. He adds “when I return home from working abroad I return home I am greeted by a proud father and blubbering mother. If I ever make it on to a red carpet I’ll have to sedate her!” How thoughtful of you. Arron is sure that his father is a part-time PR agent as he is always asking if he can see his photos and asks about his daily activity. Maybe he’s working on a fan page for you? These are two extremely proud parents and I can’t blame them, their son is sat in an Italian pub being interviewed about his life and new modeling career. As you say up North ‘the lad done good’.”

How he became an MMA fighter: Here’s the story as recounted by “He had a life changing experience one night and found himself stumbling upon a brawl where a guy was trying to protect his girlfriend from a group of guys who were trying to get them both kicked down. Without thinking Arron stepped in and, in his own words, “before I knew it I had ‘walked’ straight through these guys and brought the situation to an end”. Within minutes he was then approached by the friends of the guy he had helped and rather than receiving a beating, as he first thought, he was asked to join their mixed martial arts group.”

Some photos of Mr. Gorgeous as an MMA gladiator:

arron lowe mma fighter underwear

arron lowe mma fighter octagon

arron lowe male model big brother housemate

How he became a model: An injury during an MMA match made him withdraw from the world. His room became his world, he ate lots of cookies, got fat, got lazy, spent the time playing computer games, and wallowed in self-pity. Then, according to swide, “one day, without encouragement, he thought, ‘sod it’ and decided that he would try his hand at modeling”.

He was signed by 2Morrow Model Management. One of his gigs include the Kings of Milano video/photoshoot directed by Luca Finotti. Check out Arron’s pic below.

arron lowe underwear model - big brother uk

And all we’re gonna say about his modeling photo is, “Wowza!”

How he joined Big Brother: He was cast for the show after he sent in this audition video. Damn, he’s gorgeous.

That’s it for now. But we will update this post whenever our imaginary TV beau makes some blog-worthy moves inside the Big Brother House. Meanwhile, check out some more British hunks.

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