Armie Hammer Underwear, Shirtless & Gay Kiss Photos

Armie Hammer Underwear and Shirtless Photos. Hello, Armie Hammer fans! Are you looking forward to watching your idol in The Lone Ranger which is coming vewwy vewwy soon to a theater near you? Well, we must say we are pretty excited to see him again on the big screen after, like, four years when he made his mark on The Social Network. Nope, we didn’t see him in that Mirror, Mirror movie (we’re not into fairy-tale remakes) or in that J. Edgar Hoover movie (it didn’t get shown in our neck of the woods).

armie hammer lone ranger

Will The Lone Ranger be Armie’s ladder to the top of the Hollywood heap? We sure hope so. Big budget movies have done wonders for the careers of young upstarts (Chris Evans in Captain America, all those Star Trek guys/gals, and most recently Henry Cavill in Man of Steel). But big budget movies who didn’t do well at the box office also stalled the careers of talented actors (Jake Gyllenhaal in Prince of Persia, Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern, and Brandon Routh in Superman Returns). Let’s hope that Armie’s star turn as The Lone Ranger will be like the first group rather than the latter.

Anyhoo, we know some of you are looking for shirtless Armie Hammer photos so let’s have some of such pics, shall we? From Mirror, Mirror as Prince Alcott:

Armie-Hammer-Chest-Hair in Mirror2

You’ve got some nice chest hair going on there, Armie dear.

Armie Hammer Underwear

Our friend Deena suggests that since this movie is set eons ago what Armie is wearing in these photos are classified as underwear. Do you agree with her?

armie hammer vintage underwear - mirror mirror

Shirtless pic of Armie in Gossip Girl where he guested as Gabriel Edwards.

armie hammer in bed - gossip girl

Our favorite shirtless photo of this 26-year-old American hunk would be the one below. No clue as to where it is from.


A shirtless Armie sitting in bed in his underwear. Is he wearing boxers or briefs? Looks like boxers to us.

armie hammer underwear - sitting in bed

How cute (not to say happy) is Armie in his mugshot pic below? He was reportedly booked for possession of marijuana. How cool is that? If there’s any arrest record we here at Famewatcher will be proud of, it would be possession of marijuana, joining Occupy demonstrations, and some kind of civil disobedience for justice.


But why are we talking about justice here? Let’s go back to being the shallow “shirtless men-obsessed” bloggers that we are. Hehe. Check out another shirtless pic of Armie.


Is Armie Hammer gay or straight? He’s married to a woman (model/actress/TV host Elizabeth Chambers), so he is straight.

The denizens of agree with us since they gave him only a 56% gay rating: “gay-o-meter/gaydar for Armie Hammer: According to 269 visitors Armie Hammer is 56% gay. However, the average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Armie Hammer is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.”

Here’s a pic of Army and Elizabeth at some red carpet event.

armie hammers wife Elizabeth Chambers

But Armie did play a gay role in the movie, J. Edgar Hoover, where he swapped spit with Leonardo di Caprio. Here are still pics from the film:

armie hammer gay kiss with leonardo di caprio - j edjar hoover movie

j edgar gay kiss - armie hammer leo di caprio

Armie plays Clyde Tolson to Leo’s J. Edgar Hoover. The two were rumored to be lovers.

armie hammer - as Clyde Tolson gay lover of edgar hoover played by leonardo di caprio

Okay, let’s end this post with this sexy pic of Armie from Details Magazine. He sure is rocking the white tank top shirt (by Calvin Klein) and jeans (by Acne) look, no?

armie hammer underwear - tank top by ck jeans by acne

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