Aristide Barraud Dieux du Stade French Rugby Hunk

Aristide Barraud Dieux du Stade French Rugby Hunk. Is it us or do some of you, upon seeing the above photo of rugby player Aristide Barraud (he plays flyhalf for the Paris Stade French), go “Hmmm, I would like to comb his hair.” Not that there’s something wrong with his hair or anything (in fact, we love us some curly hair) but that’s what we felt for some reason.

aristide barraud dieux du stade

Anyhoo, for those of you who’d like some info on this hot hunk, here’s his date of birth, and height, and weight.

Date of Birth: 17/03/1989 (20)
Height: 178cm / 5’10”
Weight: 86kg / 190lbs / 13st 8lbs

And more pics of our Aristide because you asked:

aristide barraud shirtless dieux du stade

Look who’s shiny and all? It’s Aristide Barraud. He kinda reminds us of our wrestler ex-boyfriend. What did we say about our maternal urge to comb his hair?

aristide barraud rugby player

Haha. Isn’t that the biggest “thing” ever? Is it supposed to be the “pole” or is he a “guy with only one ball” down there?

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More Aristide Barraud Dieux du Stade Photos. Our rugby hunk with fellow rugby player Thomas Bartolini.

Aristide Barraud dieux du stade with thomas bartolini

Damn, ain’t you envious of his curly hair.


Aristide Barraud Paris Bombing (update 4 June 2014). It turns out that our beautiful rugby player was one of the victims of during the Paris bombings in 2015. He survived with the help Serge Simon a doctor who was also a famous professional rugby when he was younger. Here’s a photo of the two:

aristide barraud serge simon paris bombing

Aristide decided to retire in April 2017 because the injuries he sustained in Paris. In his honor, we are reprinting this message he wrote while he was recovering from his injuries.

We owe him much respect.

Please note that the message is translated by Google Translate from the French original.

I went home for two weeks. Day after day I’m taking control of my life. I found all your messages of support and friendship. I owe my speedy recovery, your support has brought me a lot since the first day.

I do not feel no anger or rage, only an infinite sadness for all the dead people around me, and elsewhere in Paris.
My recovery is going well. According to the doctors, I owe my life to my mental strength and my physical condition. In my opinion, I have to force my sister and my friends to keep me awake, to the fantastic work of surgeons and miraculous presence of Serge Simon (ex pylon Stade Francais, and doctor, this nell’edifico above the restaurant where I was . I can never thank them enough.

I am grateful to the fate of having avoided an unfathomable tragedy. In these terrible moments, I had very strong thoughts about my life choices, my Italian friends, my Italian family of Piacenza and Mogliano. My youth in Massy, the Massy rugby club, my Parisian period, my studies at the Sorbonne, all the people that matter. Everything has become even more important. I wanted to live to be with you.

The road still long, however, in a few months I will be on the field to 100% of my physical abilities. Meanwhile, there are still so many tests, but I’m ready, I’ll be back stronger.

I’m happy to be alive. I love Paris more than ever. Love is stronger than the death. Peace to all.


Aristide Barraud Dieux du Stade French Rugby Hunk. Posted 5 December 2009. Updated 4 June 2017.