Ari Millen Gay or Girlfriend + Shirtless Photos: Orphan Black

Ari Millen Gay or Girlfriend + Shirtless Photos: Orphan Black. Famewatchers, meet Canadian actor Ari Millen. If you are watching the Orphan Black, the TV hit that has our friend Kevin raving for days, you should be already familiar with Ari. If you are not watching the series, well you should go watch it because you are missing a lot. It ain’t multi-awarded and critically acclaimed for nothing.

Anyhoo, here’s a shirtless pic of our Canadian hunk for those of you looking for Ari Millen shirtless photos.

Ari Millen body2

From the back. This is why some people call him the Nekkid Buddha or something like that.

Ari Millen body3

Does he remind you of that talented actor that is Joaquin Phoenix? Who says Canadians are all-vanilla and cannot be weird and compelling?

Ari Millen hot

The above photos and the next one below are from the hit show, Orphan Black.

Ari Millen shirtless

Ari plays the role of a clone on the CTV/BBC series and has been getting rave reviews since he appeared on the show. For instance, Hypable calls him the “best thing to happen to Orphan Black since Tatiana Maslany” while the Daily Beast describes him as The Genius Behind ‘Orphan Black’s’ Shocking Male Clones.

Says the show’s co-creator John Fawcett on the casting of Ari: “We wanted a weird bad guy. When I watch television, so often I feel like a lot of the casting feels generic. I’m looking for a mix of something compelling from a physical point of view, which makes you just want to look at them, and someone who brings an energy or interpretation to a character that you weren’t expecting. That’s what I got from Ari.”

Is Ari Millen Gay or Straight? Our friends at have yet to weigh-in on the question but media reports state that Ari is engaged to actress Kassandra Santos and the two just had a baby last month. Here’s a pic of the couple during a red carpet event. Pic from Kassandra’s IMDB page.

ari millen girlfriend fiancee - kassandra santos

Ari Millen Ethnicity. He is Jewish. According to the Canadian Jewish News, he grew up as a member of Kingston’s Jewish community.

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