Are White Speedo Swimsuits Good or Bad?

Are White Speedo Swimsuits Good or Bad? What’s the fashion rule when it comes to white Speedo or white swimsuits. Should one use it or avoid it? Are white Speedos good or bad? Well, you should go ahead and wear one if you watch to call people’s attention. You know, like this guy in a Spanish beach who certainly got the attention of Alex Curran, wife of Liverpool footballer Steven Gerrard.

white speedo swimsuits good or bad

Hehe. What exactly is happening in the photo above? Truth be told, we will also do what Alex is doing in these photos if we see a guy wearing a Speedo swimsuit. It’s not her fault, really (and not our fault either if we were in her shoes). It’s just human nature to look at things that are interesting, right?

white speedo good or bad wear or not

And that’s the cool thing about white Speedos, as we have said somewhere in this blog, white swimsuit (and white underwear for that matter) tend to be more revealing of a the downstairs department than those made with other colors.

So white swimsuits and underwear are “good” if you want to show more of yourself (in which case we are going to say “Yay” to that) but they are “bad” if you are the modest kind of guy (in which case the moralists like the rigid evangelical “Christians” and those from other religions are going to say “Yay” to you).

Want more men in white Speedo swimsuits? Well, check out David Beckham’s white Speedo swimtrunks as well as college boy Corbett Harper’s white Speedo.

2020 Update: Jude Law in White Speedo. Since we decided to update this post, we might as well include this photo of Jude Law rocking a pair of briefs-style white Speedo swimsuit in the movie The New Pope.

white speedo good or bad - jude law the new pope

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