Archie Renaux Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

Archie Renaux Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. Are you a fan of the book Shadow and Bone by American writer Leigh Bardugo? If you are, then you most likely know by now that Netflix has adapted the book for television and that the show is coming very, very soon this April.

Our niece Sheila, who read the book as well as the two other novels which form part of the Grisha trilogy, can’t wait for the series. She says she’s very happy with the cast and is especially looking forward to seeing how Archie Renaux will play the role of Malyen Oretsev.

Now, we gotta admit that we are pretty unfamiliar with these books and the universe it created but we are excited too because the TV show stars our British crush Ben Barnes who we can’t get enough of. Haha.

But this post is about Archie Renault and, because we know you’d be crushing on him, here are shirtless photos of the guy.

Archie Renaux body

Archie Renaux gay or straight

Archie Renaux hot abs

Archie Renaux shirtless body2

And here’s Archie posing in his tighty whitie briefs which is part of his London S/S show package courtesy of AMCK models.

Archie Renaux underwear briefs

Yup, our 23 year old Brit is a legit model too and by pursuing a career in acting he’s following in the footsteps of male models who became actors like Ashton Kutcher, Brad Pitt, and our favorite of them all — the gorgeous Matthew Noszka who became a famous model/actor when photos of him doing construction work splashed across the internet back in 2015.

Archie Renaux model

But let’s go back to Archie shall we? Here’s another photo of him posing in his undies, this time in Calvin Klein boxer briefs.

Archie Renaux underwear model

If you want more of the actor, you should follow him on Instagram @archierenaux3. And here are still photos of Archie as Malyen Oretsev from Shadow and Bone.

Archie Renaux in shadow and bone

And here’s a shirtless Archie with co-star Jessie Mei Li who plays Alina Starkov.

Archie Renaux shirtless as malyen oretsev with friend alina

Archie Renaux Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? He is straight and is in a relationship with a lady named Annie and, according to wikipedia, the two have a baby girl who was born last October 2020.

Looks like he is a straight ally to the LGBT community though as he was pictured waving a rainbow flag at a pride event. Way to go, daddy Archie!

Archie Renaux gay or straight ally

Finally, here’s Archie and partner aka significant other Annie.

Archie Renaux wife girlfriend annie

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