Anton Yelchin Underwear + Shirtless Photos

More than two years later, we are going to update this blog entry on the Russian-American hottie that is Anton Yelchin to post about his underwear. We’re doing those for those of you who are googling “Anton Yelchin underwear” or “Anton Yelchin boxers or briefs” “Yelchin underwear bulge” and various other permutations. You want some underwear pics of this Star Trek hunk? Then we’ll give you them underwear pics. Let’s begin with this delightful picture of Anton in his tighty whitie briefs.

The above pic is from the 2007 movie Charlie Bartlett about a rich kid, played by our Anton, who assumes the role of resident therapist in a public school.

We presume his running around in his tighty whities is part of his “therapeutic work”. Hehe.

Now, here’s another set of pictures of Anton Yelchin’s undies. This time, our hot hunk is wearing boxer shorts. This time, these photos are from a movie called Middle of Nowhere which was released in 2008. Anton plays the happy-go-lucky Dorian Spitz, a park attendant who does some drug-dealing on the side.

Who knew our Anton has some bulging awesome muscles?