Anton Hysen Boyfriend, Shirtless, and Underwear Photos

Anton Hysen Boyfriend. Does Swedish footballer Anton Hysen have a boyfriend? Is he dating anyone or is he single and ready to mingle. Honestly, its hard to say. If we are going to make a guess, we’d say he is still single and not dating anyone at the moment. Why do we say this, you ask? Simply because he is not mentioning any boyfriend or partner on his Instagram account (follow him at @antonhysen). He loves to share stuff to his followers and, if he has a partner, he’d have said so already.

But we did find these photos of Anton with some guys — we think they’re his friends rather than his lovers but let’s imagine that one of them is the lucky Anton Hysen boyfriend, shall we?

anton hysen boyfriend or not

Is he the one?

anton hysen gay kiss

Or is he the elusive Anton Hysen boyfriend? Looks like he slept overnight too, no?

anton hysen partner or boyfriend

Awww. This is intimate. [Want more Swedish hunks?]

anton hysen partner or boyfriend

Anyhoo, although we don’t know whether the Swedish hunk has a boyfriend currently, we do know one of his criteria of his ideal partner. In a 2011 interview with the Sun, he had this to say about a prospective partner/boyfriend, “The person I like will have to like sports”.

So if you are a sports-loving gay man, you have a shot with Anton!

Anton Hysen Shirtless Photos. Here are some of the fabulous shirtless photos of our Swedish football player. This one’s from when he made the cover of Attitude magazine after he came out.

anton hysen shirtless

Anton Hysen Underwear. He’s enjoying the shower.

anton hysen underwear shower

Who doesn’t want to jump in bed with this dude?

anton hysen underwear bed

Update: Anton Hysen Boyfriend is John Alvbage — Not. Check out these funny video of our Anton doing the horizontal dance with famous Swedish footballer John Alvbage. For the record, John is not gay but is supportive of the LGBT community. It is a commercial for —- something. Sorry, we don’t know. Maybe its for a cellphone provider or network but we’re not really sure. Hehe.

We’re publishing a screencap from the above video because it so looks delish.

anton hysen boyfriend not john alvbage