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Ansel Elgort Shirtless Photos Part II. Guess who’s back in the headlines these days? It’s our imaginary boyfriend Ansel Elgort, that’s who. He is starring as one of the leads in Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story which is getting critical acclaim from film critics.

Ansel Elgort west side story

As someone who watched Baby Driver and recognized that Ansel is a really good actor, we are happy that West Side Story is making other people realize that he is talented. For instance, here’s a review from

Before now, I’ve never been a fan of Ansel Elgort. One’s first thought about him may be that he’s Ashton Kutcher without irony ­— and that you miss the irony. But in “West Side Story,” Elgort, with lips like Brando’s, has a brooding heart and personality that pop, and he’s a wonderfully expressive crooner. Tony, updated by Kushner’s script, has now spent a year in prison for nearly punching someone to death, and Elgort, speaking in understated street vowels, strikes just the right balance of sweetness and danger.

Ansel Elgort Awards. To date, he’s won an MTV Award and a Teen Choice Award which are popularity contests but he was nominated for a best actor trophy in the Golden Globes for his role in Baby Driver. He’s still young pretty young at 27 years old and, if he picks the right projects and given his talent, we won’t be surprised if he brings home acting trophies in the future.

Ansel Elgort awards teen choice

Ansel Elgort Girlfriend. We mentioned in our original post below that he has a girlfriend but did not mention her name because they were not yet public about their relationship. Now, they have come out as boyfriend-girlfriend so here’s Ansel and his significant other Violetta Komyshan who, if we are not mistaken, is a dancer.

Ansel Elgort girlfriend Violetta Komyshan

According to US Magazine, the Ansel and Violetta actually attended the same high school and that is where they started seeing each other. Apparently, because of Ansel’s budding career, there were times they called off their relationship but they kinda keep coming back to each other and are currently an item. You know, if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be!

Ansel Elgort hot in suit and tie

Ansel Elgort hot leather jacket

Ansel Elgort hot

Ansel Elgort Underwear, Speedo, Shirtless Photos (7 June 2014 updated 20 April 2020). While we were not looking, a young 20-year-old dude named Ansel Elgort has risen up the celebrity chart and has sent our friends Deena and Luka a-twitterin’ with “Ansel fever” after they saw him in the young-adult sci-fi movie, Divergent. They’re also going to line up to watch Ansel’s next movie this weekend, The Fault in Our Stars, along with thousands of girls who found a new Zac Efron/Rob Pattinson in the person of this young actor.

ansel elgort shirtless open shirt

Although we don’t know a lot about this up-and-coming actor, we must say that we like what we are seeing so far. Good lookin? Check! Can act? Check! (We’re taking D&L’s word because we still have to watch any of his movies.) Likes to take off his shirt? Check! Gay friendly? Check!

So far, there’s nothing to dislike about this guy. And there’s a lot of things to like about him. You know, like these shirtless photos. Hehe.

ansel elgort snail trail flaunt magazine

Above pic is courtesy of Flaunt Magazine. Next pic below is from his 2012 calendar project which raised funds for his high school (or charity, we’re not sure).

ansel elgort abs shirtless

Is Ansel Elgort Gay? As he usually does, our friend Kevin would like to know whether Ansel is gay. Is he? Sorry Kevin, the answer will not be to your liking. The Divergent actor is as straight as they come and reportedly has a girlfriend. But, like his fellow millenial actors, the up-and-comer appears to be a straight ally to the LGBT community.

Also, in an interview with Flaunt Magazine, Ansel says he’d go for Tom Hardy. Who wouldn’t? As we very well know here in Famewatcher, Tom is hawt, hawt, hawt!!!! Anyhoo, here’s Ansel with fellow Fault of Our Stars actor Nat Wolff embracing the idea of being intimate with another dude to promote their movie:

Ansel Elgort gay with nat wolff

For the backstory regarding the pic above, here’s “Elgort and co-star Nat Wolff feel our pain, and decided to give their LFBT fans a reason to watch the movie: The guys posed for a same-s*x update to the film’s ubiquitous poster. Elgort posted this version on Instagram over the weekend, writing: ‘Love is blind. #tfios @natandalex’.”

Ansel Elgort Shirtless, Speedo, and Underwear Photos. Okay, we had to tone this section a bit because we do not want Grandma Akita to complain again about doing nothing but upload saucy photos. Ugh, the things you do to please your Nana just so she will remember you in her will. Hehe. Anyhoo, here are some shirtless photos of our hunky curly-haired actor:

Ansel Elgort underwear

Ansel Elgort speedo underwear

ansel elgort underwear boxer briefs

Don’t you miss the pre-quarantine days where you can spend time going on vacation places such as the beach?

ansel elgort speedo shorts

Ansel Elgort speedo hunk

Let’s end this post update with this photo of Ansel from Flaunt Magazine!

Ansel Elgort underwear peekabo2

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