Ang Laro ng Buhay ni Juan Movie: Good or Bad?

Is Ang Laro ng Buhay ni Juan a good indie film? Or is it one of those indie movies pretending to be socially relevant but are nothing but male sexploitation movies?

We don’t know. Sadly, we won’t bother to find out anymore. Filipino indie movies used to be interesting and very watchable. These days, not so much. Some indie producers and directors still make gems like Kubrador and Ploning but more often than not indie filmmakers have become as bad as Mother Lily and Joel Lamangan in churning out formulaic movies. And the formula these days appear to be male-male relationships and its various permutations.

Anyhoo, if you watched the movie, maybe you can tell us if this movie is good or bad.

A Film by Joselito Altarejos
A BEYONDtheBOX Production

Ang Laro ng Buhay ni Juan explores two hours in the life of Juan Reyes (RAY AN DULAY), known to others as Erwin.Juan is a 25 year old Masbate native who just found his way to Manila three years ago. Erwin has tried his hand at many odd jobs and now works as a live-sex performer at an underground gay bar but has decided to leave Manila for good.

On the day of his departure, he will take us with him as he makes life decisions — big and small.

The movie features the daring newcomer ACE RICAFORT as one of the live show performers called TUPADA BOYS together with able actors like ANGELI BAYANI (2008 Cinemanila’s Asian Best Actress), PERRY ESCANO, RICHARD QUAN, MARK XANDER FABILLAR, MICHAEL CAYETANO, MAY-I FABROS, ANNELLE DURANO and DEXTER PELAGIO.

Ang Laro ng buhay shows how “ordinary Juan” distracts himself for him to survive.

SHOWING: October 21 Exclusively in Robinsons Cinemas.

Kambyo: Just Another Sexploitation Movie?
23 July 2008

Is this another sexploitation movie disguised as art? Are indie directors and producers the saviours of Philippine cinema or are they just hastening its demise with films that only cater to a limited gay-oriented audience? If you look at how these movies are being promoted, like the following article from Journal, it seems like they’re nothing but hubaran movies.

And Philippine hubaran movies do not even make the cut. Remember Serbis and how it was bashed by critics for its needless sex, nudity, and all that? Tsk. Tsk.

Journal: MORE boys, more hubaran ang Kambyo.

While lighter in presentation and story ang third Digital Viva gay themed movie na collaboration ni-na direktor Jay Altajeros at writer Lex Bonife compared sa una nilang dalawang di-gital movies na Ang Lalaki Sa Parola at Ang Lihim Ni Antonio, that doesn’t ne-cessary mean naman daw na kakambiyo na sa hubaran ang Kambyo.

Dahil lima ang bida, times five din ang hubaran with Johnron and Rayan the most daring of the group. Sila ang may frontal sa kanilang passionate love ma-king scene.

May UP Film premiere ito on July 5 and magu-open on movie July 9.