Andy Samberg Leather Jackets and Other Fashion Picks

Andy Samberg Leather Jacket: Levis or Charles & 1/2? [Updated]: We’ve already identified his Brooklyn Nine Nine leather jacket as a Charles & 1/2 faux leather jacket.

brooklyn nine-nine andy samberg jake peralta leather jacket - charles and one half faux leather moto jacket

But Andy’s leather may not be by Charles & 1/2. Instead, it may actually be a Levis two-pocket bomber jacket. Compare, contrast, and conclude. First, here’s the Andy Samberg leather jacket which he usually wears on Brooklyn Nine Nine.

andy samberg leather jacket - jake peralta brooklyn 99

Secondly, here’s the Charles and 1/2 leather jacket. Initially, we stated that this is exactly the same as the one Andy is wearing above.

charles and one half leather jacket - andy samberg

However, probably they’re not exactly the same after all. An alert reader pointed out that Andy’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine leather jacket also looks like this Levis leather jacket.

levis leather jacket for andy samberg

They’re actually similar, huh? Well, except the colors. The Levis one is brownish compared to the other two but we think this has something to do with the lighting more than anything else. In fact, Andy’s leather jacket also looks brownish sometimes under certain lighting conditions.

Now, the above as-yet-to-be-determined jacket ain’t the only leather jacket that Samberg has worn the show. For instance, check out his varsity leather jacket. The good folks at have identified it as an Obey faux leather varsity jacket.

andy samberg leather jacket - obey faux leather varsity jacket

While most of us are interested in identifying the Andy Samberg leather jacket, there are some of us who are interested in his other outfits. For instance, what shirt is our Andy wearing in the pic below? It’s a Billy Reid Walland shirt, baby! Actually, it seems like he wears several Billy Reid shirts on the show.

brooklyn nine-nine andy samberg jake peralta - billy reid walland shirt

Our Andy sure loves him his plaid shirts because he’s seen in another plaid outfit below. Specifically, he’s wearing a J Crew Midweight Flannel Shirt in Vintage Chimney Plaid.

brooklyn nine-nine andy samberg jake peralta shirt - jcrew midweight flannel shirt in vintage chimney plaid

And what about this Andy Samberg hookie jacket? Where can you buy this? It’s made by Threads for Thought. We assume you can buy them on their online store but we are not seeing it displayed at the moment.

brooklyn nine-nine andy samberg jake peralta hoodie - threads for thought trim fit heathered hoodie

Finally, check out Andy’s Genghis Khan samurai costume by InCharacter Costume. Since InCharacter does not sell direct, you can buy something like this from specialty online stores.

brooklyn nine-nine andy samberg jake peralta - incharacter genghis khan samurai costume

That’s it for now, fellow Andy Samberg Watchers.

Andy Samberg Leather Jackets and Other Fashion Picks. First posted 30 April 2016. Last updated: September 5, 2021 at 5:29 am.