Andy Ridings Shirtless, Gay or Girlfriend, Wedding

Andy Ridings Shirtless, Gay or Girlfriend, Wedding. Damn! Who knew that the clean-cut and vanilla-hot tutor on the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is hiding some gorgeous chest hair and sculpted abs? We came across the photo below and we were like, “Is this the guy on Kimmy Schmidt that we were crushing hard on?”

Turns out he is but he is zaddy now and with an edgier look that suits him very, very nicely.

andy ridings shirtless body hair

Aside from the Netflix show, Andy has starred in 33 other movies and TV shows including the HBO Max show The Other Two which will start airing its second second this coming 26 August 2021. On the show, our hirsute hunk plays the roommate of one of the main characters (Cary) who “swears he is straight but will make moves on Cary.” Here’s Andy (as Matt) with Drew Tarver who plays the Cary character.

andy ridings gay in the other two with drew tarver

This isn’t the first time our Andy played an LGBT character cause he played another one more than a decade ago in the stage play Over and Over off-off Broadway.

Andy Ridings Gay or Straight in Real Life? He is straight, and is married to wife Anne Fidler, and the couple are about to have a baby. Here’s a photo from their wedding which we grabbed from Andy’s Instagram page:

andy ridings wedding to wife anne fidler

More photos we grabbed from the actor’s Insta (follow him @randyridings). The black and white pic accompanies the couple’s announcement that they are expecting a baby. Yay! Congratulations, you two!

andy ridings shirtless with wife

For those wondering, Anne is also in the acting biz having starred in Law and Order and The Great Indoors. According to their wedding announcement on the NY Times, Andy and Anne “met in 2011 while working at the Grey Dog, a cafe in Manhattan”. We also learned from said announcement that Andy is actually American because, for some reason, we had the impression that he’s an Aussie when we first saw him on Kimmy Schmidt.

andy ridings wife or girlfriend Anne Fidler

Although he is straight, our zaddy is a friend to the LGBT community and appears to be comfortable wearing women’s clothes, wearing the rainbow colors, and going kissy kissy with another dude.

andy ridings drag queen

andy ridings gay

andy ridings gay or straight

Andy attends the Emmy Awards with his Kimmy Schmidt costars. Damn, I miss that show.

andy ridings emmy awards kimmy schmidt - instagram randyridings

Let’s end this post with another shirtless photo of our hunky actor which showcases his hirsuteness.

andy ridings shirtless chest hair

But wait, there’s more! Hey look, its our Andy in his white underwear reading with his dog.

andy ridings underwear

Andy and his dog go sunbathing.

andy ridings body

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