Andy Cohen Shirtless, Underwear, Speedo Photos

Andy Cohen Boyfriend Update Plus Shirtless, Underwear, and Speedo Photos. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Andy Cohen is an attention seeking heaux. He is a wannabe Kardashian so we are not surprised that for the past years, he’s been releasing some Speedo photos taken when he was younger and that he’s spilling stories about him being in love with John Mayer and that the latter reciprocated by loving him back. In a way, he outed John Mayer but Andy has always been an attention-seeking messy queen.

Anyhoo, here are Speedo photos of Andy which he obviously want you to see:

andy cohen young speedo

andy cohen speedo daddy

andy cohen speedo

Andy Cohen Shirtless, Underwear, Speedo Photos – Boyfriend Match (19 January 2013). Does Andy Cohen have a boyfriend? Apparently, the Watch What Happens Live host is single. Or maybe he just want to keep his relationship private.

andy cohen shirtless - washboard abs

In fact, a Page 6 report (or, more appropriately, rumor) in July last year stated that Andy was getting kissy-huggy with a mystery guy.

Reads the report: “Spies saw Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live host over the weekend on a secluded East Hampton beach, looking cozy with a mystery man. ‘Andy and another guy were lying near each other. They were kissing, and then they were lying with their legs on top of each other,’ said a source. A rep for Cohen — who has a house in Sag Harbor — had no comment as to who his mystery man is. ‘On his show, Andy goes into every little detail of his guests’ lives,’ said a source, ‘but when it comes to his personal life, he’s very private.'”

So who is the above Andy Cohen boyfriend? Maybe he’s just a kissin’ buddy?

In the absence of any official confirmation from Andy that he is indeed dating someone, we think its not wrong to say that he is single and available. So let us shack him up with a guy, shall we? Who, among your favorite celebrities, would be a good match for our Andy?

andy cohen swimsuit shorts

Andy Cohen Shirtless With Daniel Craig. What about Daniel Craig as the Andy Cohen boyfriend? We think it will work out. After all, they don’t mind getting wet together, seem to enjoy each other’s company, and they look good together too?

andy cohen boyfriend match - daniel craig

Nah. Unfortunately it won’t happen because Daniel is straight and is very much married.

andy cohen underwear - speedo - with daniel craig

What about Andersoon Cooper? They both have the same “AC” initials. “Anderson and Andy, sitting on a tree” has a nice ring to it.

andy cohen boyfriend - anderson cooper

They look good together. They seem to enjoy each other’s company. And they are both single. True, true, and true. But unfortunately, although he is single, our Anderson is not available because he has a boyfriend. See Benjamin Maisani: Anderson Cooper’s Boyfriend.

Okay, so what about Mark Consuelos? Are you crazy? The guy’s straight and very much married to Kelly Ripa! Want more of Kelly? Check out Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery.

andy cohen shirtless with mark consuelos

What about Harvey Levin? He is not straight! And, like Andy, he is a talk show host. Do you think a Harvey Andy pairing will work?

andy cohen boyfriend - harvey levin with bf Andy Mauer

Probably. But Levin is reportedly seeing the cute tall guy above. He’s name is Andy Mauer and he’s reportedly a doctor.

What about Lance Bass? Can’t he be the Andy Cohen boyfriend? Lance ain’t seeing anyone, does he?

andy cohen boyfriend - lance bass

Apparently not. So it looks like we found a boyfriend for Andy Cohen! What do you think of Lance and Andy as boyfriends, fellow Famewatchers? Good match?

UPDATE: Some photos for those of you who are googling for Andy Cohen’s underwear. Apparently, he wears both briefs and boxers as you may already know from his tweet back in 2011: @jthrasher wants to know if I wear boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs. I wear either boxers or briefs. I am not a big boxer-brief guy.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a pic of our Andy wearing either kind of underwear but we do have this one which is effin sexy if you ask us. Damn, Andy Cohen shirtless photos are cool and effin’ hot.

Andy Cohen shorts

Who knows, he just might wear this Speedo swimsuit given to him by water polo hunk Chay Lapin.

andy cohen speedo with water polo star Chay Lapin

What about it, Andy? You should wear that Speedo when you go swimming at the beach with Daniel Craig this summer.

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