Andrew Luck Girlfriend, Shirtless Photo, NFL Salary – Colts Quarterback

McAfee was reportedly fined by the Colts powers-that-be for tweeting a nekkid photo of the quarterback but Andrew was forgiving. From Indystar:

Colts punter Pat McAfee has been forgiven by Andrew Luck and fined by the team after his postgame tweet last Saturday inadvertently exposed more of the quarterback than his bearded chin.

“It was a very stupid mistake I made,” McAfee said. “The good thing is Andrew doesn’t hate me.”

Adds McAfee about his fauxpas and Andrew Luck’s reaction:

“I didn’t realize it until I was halfway home and my girlfriend got a text message,” said McAfee. “I immediately started to sweat. I was disgusted. I was worried that Andrew was going to hate me because he’s such a good person.

“The last thing you want to do is sellout a teammate. I felt like I did that.”

“I called him like 400 times but his phone was off, his phone was off, his phone was off. It was finally turned on and he answered. I said, ‘Man, I am so sorry that happened.’

“He handled it so well, like the cool person he is. He said, ‘No worries about it, dude.'”

Now, if you want a closer look at a shirtless Andrew Luck, here’s one from when he’s doing some swim training with the Stanford Masters Swimming (photo courtesy of swimlynn at

andrew luck shirtless - with standford masters swimming

Meanwhile, here’s the closest thing to an Andrew Luck underwear photo. Hehe.

andrew luck underwear waistband3

Andrew Luck Salary. How rich is Andrew Luck? He’s a multimillionaire at 24 years old! Spotrac has the info on how much he is making with the Colts:

Andrew Luck signed a 4 year / $22.11 million contract with the Indianapolis Colts, including a $14,518,544 signing bonus, $22,107,998 guaranteed, and an annual average salary of $5,527,000.

He’s rich, man! Expect him to get richer in the coming years. Want more NFL football hunks?