Andrew Luck Girlfriend, Shirtless Photo, NFL Salary – Colts Quarterback

How good of a quarterback is Andrew Luck? He’s really, really good! In fact, football website has him at #5 in the website’s Top Ten Best Quarterbacks Today list. Here’s what folks at Cover32 are saying about the Indianapolis Colts QB:

Back-to-back 11-5 seasons in Indianapolis show just how good this young quarterback is at leading a team. Throw in all of the adversity that the Colts have faced during that time (the departure of Peyton Manning, Chuck Pagano’s illness, Reggie Wayne’s torn ACL, etc.) and Luck’s early career is even more impressive. Ask any general manager who they would take right now to be their quarterback for the next five years and they’ll say Luck; if they don’t, they should be fired.

Andrew Luck Girlfriend. What’s Andrew’s relationship status? Is he dating anyone? Does he have a girlfriend? Yup! He’s dating college sweetheart Nicole Pachanec. What a beautiful girl, no?

andrew luck girlfriend - Nicole Pachanec

Nicole is a gymnast according to which lists the following info tidbits about Andrew’s girlfriend:

  • She trained at her mom’s club until age 12
  • Has one sister Monica Pechanec.
  • She graduated in 2008 from Keystone National High school
  • Her team won the world championships in 2006 and 2007
  • Her passion continued at Stanford University where she is a star gymnast
  • In 2011 while she was a junior she earned Pac-10 All academic second team honors
  • 2012 season, she was named team captain and MVP for the season and all this during her senior year! How cool!
  • Her specialty is floor exercises
  • In 2012 she will received her Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Architectural Design.
  • She is 5’ 4’’

Andrew Luck Shirtless Photos. Looking for shirtless photos of the Indianapolis Colts quarterback? Here’s one tweeted by teammate punter Pat McAfee who didn’t realize that Andrew is changing clothes in the background.

andrew luck in locker room photobomb