Ana Margarita Gonzalez: My Husband Abused Me

This appears to be a very sad story. If the allegations of Ana Margarita against her husband is true, then he should be made to answer for whatever he did to her. If the allegations are not true, then Ana Margarita needs some help. Now, its up to the court to decide.

Inquirer story:

After being barred from seeing her two children, a former model, actress and TV host has accused her husband of beating her up and forcing her to take pills which made her hallucinate.

Ana Margarita Gonzalez-Cuervo filed before the Muntinlupa City prosecutors office charges of violations of Republic Act 9262 (Anti Violence and Women and their Children Act) against her husband, Jose Maria Fernandez Cuervo.

The complainant is the daughter of 1960s matinee idol and ex-politician Jose Mari Gonzalez and Charito Gonzalez. Her sister is former sexy actress Christina Gonzalez now married to then-Leyte congressman Alfred Romualdez,

Also named in the complaint sheet were Montserrat Calero Fernandez Cuervo Trigo and Maria Antonia Calero Fernandez Cuervo Mendieta, her husband’s sisters.

Ana Margarita Gonzales: Showbiz Central Interview
21 April 2009

Ana Margarita Gonzales was a guest at GMA’s Showbiz Central. She wants her kids back and has filed a case against her husband to get them back. She also denies having a bi-polar disorder. [Video no longer works, sorry.]

Ana Margarita’s Kids: Mama, Come to Spain
26 April 2009

According to an anonymous commenter, Ana Margarita’s parents are actually the ones preventing their daughter from joining her family in Spain. We do not know if this is true or not and we are not in the position to know the truth.

Anyways, there’s a new blog which supposedly shows Ana Margarita’s kids living in Spain. We say “supposedly” because we do not know if these are really her kids. Maybe the are. You can read the blog and watch the videos at It appears to have been created to convince Ana Margarita to go to Spain.