Hannah Blackwell Phillip Phillips: Hometown Girl is Phillip’s Girlfriend?

We hope you enjoy being the girl of an up-and-coming celebrity and be not be subjected to fan abuse by your boyfriend’s fans who think they know more about he wants than the person himself. Exhibit A: See what overzealous fans said about Tom Felton’s girlfriend Jade Olivia. Exhibit B: See what some commenters wrote about Rupert Grint’s girlfriend Georgia Groome.

How Much Money Do Idol Judges Make?

Now we have some figures on the ever-burning question that our good friend Deena asks whenever she watches Idol, “How much do them Idol judges make?”. Well, actually, we only have the figures for Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul and these are likely to change depending on the judges’ (particularly Paula’s) negotiating skills. From LA Times:

Last year, former “Idol” executive producer Nigel Lythgoe told Australia’s Courier Mail that the show’s trademark tough judge, Simon Cowell, earns $36 million each season (not including income from his involvement with “Idol” grads’ records). Cowell’s contract expires after next season, and he has been making noise that he might move on.

Sources close to the show say Abdul earns a fraction of Cowell’s figure, pegging it at around $2 million.


Frankie Avalon Young and Shirtless Photos – American Idol Performance

FRANKIE AVALON YOUNG AND SHIRTLESS PHOTOS. Guess who went to the Idol results show to “serenade” Simon Cowell. It’s 1950s-60s chart topper and sex symbol Frankie Avalon. Simon was surprised but really really pleased when Frankie appeared to sing probably his biggest hit, Venus. Anyways, for those who are kinda clueless about who Frankie is, the information geeks of wikipedia tells us that he is born September 18, 1939 in the good old state of Pennsylvania. He is an actor, singer, sex symbol, and former teen idol.