Hottest Female Golfer in the World: Blair O’Neal?

hottest female golfer - blair o neal1

Hottest Female Golfer in the World? Who is the hottest female golfer in the world? Maybe we should give the title to American golfer Blair O’Neal? After all, she ain’t just a pro golfer. She is also a female model. And, get this, we are not the only ones giving her the accolade as a hot golfer. For instance, the editors of have included Blair in their list of the Most Beautiful Women in Golf for three years running. Anyhoo, here are some photos of the lady golfer.

Is Lee Rodriguez Gay or Lesbian in Real Life?

lee rodriguez gay fabiola in never have i ever

Is Lee Rodriguez Gay or Lesbian in Real Life? If you watched Mindy Kaling’s Never Have I Ever — we strongly recommend that you do — you’d know that one of the story arcs on the show is Fabiola’s growing realization that she is actually into girls. Now, it was easy for her to come out to her friends but, understandably, it was more of a challenge for her to do the same with her family.

College Girls Underwear Run: University of Arizona

college girls underwear run - chapman university

College Girls Underwear Run. Finally, here’s the last pic in this update on college girls underwear runs. This one’s from Colorado State University. So do you have a favorite group of college girls running in their undies? Ours would still be the ladies from University of Arizona. You know, the ones we first blogged about below. We like that they sort of agreed to wear polka-dotted pink undies.

Hot Girls Smoking Cigars: Famous Female Cigar Aficionados?

hot girls smoking cigars - angelina jolie

Hot Girls Smoking Cigars. Of course guys are not the only ones who smoke cigars. Some girls love them their cigars too. In fact, our friend Kevin tells us that his grandmama who lives in an island somewhere in the Pacific is a cigar aficionado. Okay, maybe not an aficionado because we don’t know what that means technically — do they have to smoke cigar everyday? Do they have to try different brands? Do they have to have a Cuban cigar? — but Kevin says his grandma picked up the habit of smoking cigars when all her children left the nest and flew to the good old U.S. of A.