Hot Girls Smoking Cigars: Famous Female Cigar Aficionados?

Hot Girls Smoking Cigars. Of course guys are not the only ones who smoke cigars. Some girls love them their cigars too. In fact, our friend Kevin tells us that his grandmama who lives in an island somewhere in the Pacific is a cigar aficionado. Okay, maybe not an aficionado because we don’t know what that means technically — do they have to smoke cigar everyday? Do they have to try different brands? Do they have to have a Cuban cigar? — but Kevin says his grandma picked up the habit of smoking cigars when all her children left the nest and flew to the good old U.S. of A.

So in honor of Kevin’s grandma, we came up with a list of Ten Hollywood Hot Girls Smoking Cigars. It’s complementary to an earlier post on Hot Guys Smoking Cigars which you should also check out. Anyhoo, let’s start our list with:

Aisha Tyler. Hey look, The Talk’s Aisha Tyler loves her some cigar. And she’s really smoking it too. Surely cigars may not be that bad, if an Ivy League grad like Aisha likes ’em, no?

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J’Tia Taylor: Survivor Cagayan – Nuclear Engineer Was a Playboy Model

jtia taylor survivor brains - playboy model

J’Tia Taylor as a Playboy Model. Let’s continue blogging about the rumored castaways of Survivor Cagayan. From the gorgeous Jeremiah Wood [see Jeremiah Wood Shirtless], let’s move on to J’Tia Taylor a nuclear engineer who, back in 2004 when she was still a graduate student, modeled for Playboy as a Cyber Girl of the Week.

A model beauty with the brains of a nuclear engineer? That’s a powerful combination which should make her a strong and interesting player in the Survivor game. We wonder where the Survivor gods will place her when they divide the castaways to the Beauty vs. Brain vs. Brawn tribes.

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Sandra Bullock Fashion Style: Tight Jeans, Sunglasses, Ferretti Maxi Dress

Sandra Bullock Fashion Style: Tight Jeans, Sunglasses, Ferretti Maxi Dress. Who says only guys like Taylor Lautner and Chris Hemsworth can rock the V neck shirt? Not Hollywood’s highest paid actress and star of the hit movie The Proposal, Sandra Bullock. Sandra wore her white V neck shirt during a visit to New Orleans where she helped fund an on-campus health clinic at the Warren Easton Charter High School.

sandra bullock fashion style

We give props to the girl for knowing how to share her blessings. Check out more of Sandra’s “ordinary” fashion style below. Our friend Deena is loving Sandy’s tight jeans.

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Ladies Gucci Leather Jacket For Mary Kate Olsen

Ladies Gucci Leather Jacket For Mary Kate Olsen. Mary Kate Olsen in Gucci black leather jacket for her Nylon Magazine covershoot. The plaid outfit is interesting but she’s, well….

Anyhoo, here’s the latest on Mary Kate for those of you who are into famewatching her: Mary Kate and twin sister Ashley are reportedly expanding their fashion empire via their Olsenboye for teens. Here’s an interview of the twins from usatoday:

Q: How do you see the Olsenboye line evolving?
Ashley: We’re just excited to see what people are going to gravitate to first from a design perspective.
Mary-Kate: We would love it to be a lifestyle brand. That’s something Ashley and I love doing: building brands.
Ashley: We’re offering a design contest. (Girls) can send in sketches to And we’ll go through them.

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Lingerie Football League: Hot Female Footballers

Lingerie Football League. Women in their lingerie playing football, what’s not to like? Count us in among those who are avidly interested about what this league will do. Who knows, these girls just might rival women’s swimming in viewer popularity.

Reuters reports:

The branding is blatant — the teams have names such as the San Diego Seduction, Dallas Desire and Los Angeles Temptation — and their websites and promotional material are more akin to those for NFL cheerleaders than genuine professional sports.

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