All Blacks Underwear: Rugby Hunks are Jockey Models

All Blacks Underwear Models for Jockey. Time for more rugby hunks. This time, let’s check out these All Blacks rugby players who, during the New Zealand Fashion Week in August 2014, walked the runway for Jockey Underwear. Apparently, the cool underwear brand has a sponsorship agreement with the best national rugby team in the world.

all blacks underwear models - All Blacks TJ Perenara Tawera Kerr Barlow Victor Vito Gillies Kaka and DJ Forbes the runway with model Nikki Phillips

Magic mirror on the wall, who’s the sexiest of them all? Is it (from left to right) TJ Perenara, Tawera Kerr-Barlow, Victor Vito, Gillies Kaka, or DJ Forbes? Or should we give the title of “sexiest runway model” to the rose among the thorns, Nikki Phillips?

all blacks rugby jockey underwear models - Tawera Kerr-Barlow

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Tawera Kerr-Barlow is in pretty good shape, eh? He’s got a nice walk too. Should we give him the “Best Walk” award? WhatdoyouthinkTyraBanks?

all blacks rugby jockey underwear models - victor vito

Victor Vito has the best name of them all. We like how he’s trying to be serious by trying to suppress his smile. He must be like, “What am I doing walking in my Jockeys? Oh heck, I might as well enjoy the experience!”

all blacks underwear models - DJ Forbes2

DJ Forbes looks like he’s about to give a karate chop or something. Hiiiyaaaa!

all blacks rugby underwear models - TJ Perenara and Gillies Kaka walk in front of Victor Vito

If they are in the United States, one would assume that TJ Perenara (with his blue boxer briefs) is a Democrat while Gillies Kaka (with his red undies) is a Republican. Victor Vito at the back represents independent voters who ultimately decide who gets elected.

Why are we talking about politics all of a sudden? Hehe! It’s obviously our attempt to convince ourselves that we’re not only about rugby hunks and underwear!!!

all blacks underwear models - TJ Perenara

If Tawera above gets the “Best Walk” award, TJ Perenara should get an award for having the best six-pack? Wow! Those are some really, really sculpted washboard abs.

all blacks rugby underwear models - From left to right - Sherwin Stowers Ben Smith Tawera Kerr-Barlow Gillies Kaka Sam Whitelock Liam Messam Luke Romano Tom Taylor and Tim Mikkelson

Let’s end this post with another group photo of our All Blacks underwear models which we grabbed from From left to right: Sherwin Stowers, Ben Smith, Tawera Kerr-Barlow, Gillies Kaka, Sam Whitelock, Liam Messam, Luke Romano, Tom Taylor, and Tim Mikkelson.

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