Alistair Petrie Hair Transplant Before and After Photos

Alistair Petrie Hair Transplant Before and After Photos. Today in Celebrity Hair Transplant, we bring you British actor Alistair Petrie and his crowning glory which, apparently, is what you would call surgically enhanced. We must say that it actually looks very natural and we have no clue that he’s had a hair transplant. Kudos to the guys behind the look.

celebrity hair transplant - alistair petrie

Now, how did we find out that the Moordale High schoolmaster had a hair transplant? We’ll when we wrote our earlier post on him — see Alistair Petrie Young — we wondered whether he’s got red hair because it looks like he’s got some ginger traits so we did the good old googling thing.

However, the search engine did not turn out any result about Alistair being a redhead but, instead, brought up one about the actor having had a hair transplant with a before and after photo. Here’s the image which we grabbed from

alistair petrie hair transplant before and after

More about our actor’s hair transplant from the abovementioned websited: “Alistair is a familiar face on the English acting scene with an increasingly impressive list of credits to his name. Most recently he played motor racing legend Sterling Moss in the Formula 1 Hollywood movie, Rush, directed by Oscar-winner Ron Howard. We are showing the result of his 1st hair transplant strip FUT surgery of 3000+ grafts in 2010. We are awaiting the result of his 2nd hair transplant in the near future.”

Apparently, FUT which stands for Follicular Unit Transplantation involves getting some hair from the donor area of one’s head (probably the back or the side where there is hair) and transferring them to the balding area where the transplanted hair are grafted.

Other celebrities we blogged about who underwent an FUT surgery is Louis Walsh who had it back in 2011. Here’s Louis’ before and after FUT transplant look. Pretty neat, huh?

Louis Walsh hair transplant transformation - before and after photos

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