Alfred Enoch Shirtless: Gay or Has Girlfriend?

Alfred Enoch Shirtless Update. So, how’s our imaginary beau ever since we blogged about him back in 2014? Well, his Hollywood career continues to go swimmingly and the now 32-year-old actor has starred in a total of 28 movies and TV shows according to IMDB. His latest project is the Apple+ TV space saga Foundation where he plays the role of Raych Foss. We still have to watch the show because we’ve been busy watching Squid Game and Midnight Mass on Netflix but Deena says it is good.

Anyhoo, here are some shirtless pics of our British hunk from an episode of How to Get Away With Murder, from his stage performance in Romeo and Joliet at the Globe Theatre, from an episode of the BBC series Trust Me, and from a Vogue Magazine photoshoot:

alfred enoch shirtless in how to get away3

alfred enoch shirtless in romeo and joliet at the globe theatre

alfred enoch shirtless in trust me

alfred enoch shirtless model - vogue magazine

And here’s Alfred in his boxer briefs underwear from an episode of Trust Me:

alfred enoch underwear in trust me

Finally, the actor celebrates with the locals at the Rio Carnival in Brazil:

alfred enoch gay - rio carnival2

Alfred Enoch Girlfriend? We do not know if they are still together but he reportedly dated (and may still be dating) Aja Naomi King who was his co-star on How To Get Away.

alfred enoch girlfriend 2021 - aja naomi king

Want more of Alfred? Go check out his Instagram page (alfieenochofficial) from which we grabbed this gorgeous photo of the actor looking cool in leather pants.

alfred enoch leather pants

Alfred Enoch Shirtless: Gay or Has Girlfriend (18 September 2014). Oh my! Did you know that Harry Potter’s Dean Thomas has grown up to be a smokin’ hottie? Alfred Enoch was cute when he was a kid but he’s grown up to be a real hunky shaggable dude. Of all the now grown-up Harry Potter boys, we think Alfie “outhots” everyone from Daniel Radcliffe, to Rupert Grint, to Tom Felton, and the rest of them.

alfie enoch hot

It also looks like Alfie, unlike some of his Harry Potter co-stars, has a pretty good chance of overcoming his “child star” tag to one that says “legit actor”.

Did you see him go shirtless as Stephen Bainbridge in the Sherlock episode, The Sign of Three? Alfred Enoch shirtless is hot!

alfred enoch shirtless as Stephen Bainbridge in sherlock

alfred enoch shirtless2

alfred enoch shirtless3

Is Alfred Enoch Gay or Straight? He’s straight and, in an interview with Studio Magazine, he mentioned having a girlfriend. Here’s the relevant excerpt where he initially talks about whether he draws on his own experiences when taking on roles:

Well, sometimes when you draw on your own experiences and find parallels with the characters it can be quite scary. I performed The Seagull by Anton Chekov when I was at university in The Oxford play house. I played the part of Trigorin, who is a middle age man dealing with incredibly complex issues about his own status and how he feels about his art, what he has achieved and how people perceive his work. Dealing with this character’s insecurities causes you to enter a very dark place and I suppose I ended up seeing little bits of myself in the character that I didn’t like; it was an unpleasant place to be. There are very weird moments when you feel… well, I wasn’t very fun to be around. My girlfriend was happy when it ended!

Is this Alfred Enoch’s girlfriend? The interntetz says she is but we have no confirmation from the guy himself.

alfie enoch girlfriend - 2011

By the way, Alfie is co-starring in an upcoming legal drama series, How to Get Away With Murder. He’ll be playing the role of law student Wes Gibbins. More about Alfie’s role from ABC:

Wes Gibbins is a born leader… he just doesn’t know it yet. With his boy-next door charm, Wes comes to Middleton Law School as an outsider. But under the wing of Annalise Keating, Wes will quickly learn the dark truths of the criminal justice system while stumbling upon some of Annalise’s most personal secrets. The more time he spends with her, the less innocent Wes becomes.

We’re excited to watch this show. Can’t wait for September 25 when it starts airing.

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