Alexandra Burke Plastic Surgery? No, She Ain’t Having It

Alexandra Burke Plastic Surgery? No, She Ain’t Having It. Today in our ongoing quest to feature celebrities who may or may not have had plastic surgery, let’s focus our eyes on X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke. No she didn’t have any cosmetic surgery procedures done. And if she remains true to her words in this Daily Mirror interview, it is unlikely that she will ever have any.

alexandra burke plastic surgery

From her interview with Daily Mirror:

What do you like best about the way you look?
The one thing I love about my body is my legs. They make me look about 6ft tall on TV when I’m only 5ft 4 – all I have to do is put on a pair of heels.

And what would you change?
I’d love to have a bigger chest but that’s what padded bras are for. I’d never have surgery. I love the way I am. Big boobs run in my family, my mum has lovely big boobs, my sister has too, but I don’t. My mum says I have a different shape because I’ve always been sporty from a very young age. She’s always made me love my body just the way it is, and to be grateful for what I’ve been given.

Is it true pop starlets are secretly ordered to have surgery or lose weight?
I haven’t been and if they did my answer would be ‘absolutely not’. If somebody asked me to lose 3 stone, I’d turn round to them and say ‘YOU lose 3 stone!’. I think it’s so wrong to say that sort of thing to anyone, whether they’re an artist or not. People have emotions. I would never sign with a company who are basing their decision on looks, not talent.

Considering that she is young and beautiful and at the top of her career, these are easy things for her to say. Do you think she will continue to say no to plastic surgery if she gets as old as Madonna?

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Alexandra Burke: Dolce and Gabbana Model (21 July 2009). Wow. Alexandra Burke, winner of Simon Cowell’s other talent reality show, X-Factor, has reportedly inked a deal to model for Dolce and Gabbana. This is a great deal or, to use the words of Paris Hilton, it is really huge. Not a lot of singers, particularly those who are just establishing their names, are given the opportunity to build a cross-over platform from which they can launch a broader career that branches out of the music industry. Good for you, Alexandra. Congratulations.


Meanwhile, if I am a model, I will be kind of pissed off with Dolce and Gabbana as it seems like the brand is more interested in signing up celebrities to be their models rather than helping their models establish their names. They’ve already signed up some of the biggest celebrities in the world, i.e., Angelina Jolie and the Beckhams which leaves us wondering whether they’re going to continue hiring more celebrities in the future.

Alexandra Burke Plastic Surgery? No, She Ain’t Having It. Posted 5 July 2010.