Alexandra Burke Bikini Beach – Swimwear Photos

Alexandra Burke Bikini Fun Under The Sun. X-Factor winner turned-Dolce and Gabbana perfume model Alexandra Burke enjoys the Barbados sun and sand experience in her skimpy two-piece red bikini swimwear.

alexandra burke bikini fun vacation

More pics of Alex during her beach vacation below.


She’s in her itsy bitsy, teenie weenie two-piece sexy bikini. Our girl is clearly enjoying herself. Are you waving to your fans, Alexandra?


So what do you think of these Alexandra Burke bikini swimsuit photos?


Girl in Leotards: Alexandra Burke, British Babe
29 November 2009


Last year’s X Factor winner Alexandra Burke performs in her leotards during a concert at Earls Court in west London. Is she slowly coming out of her shell? Looks like it, no? Granted she’s not outrageously over-the-top sexy in the mold of Lady Gaga but this leotard outfit is saucier than her previous concert outfits.

Want more of Alexandra? Check out her Dolce and Gabana perfume. You might want to peek at her boyfriend too, Cameron Jagher.

Alexandra Burke’s Ridiculous Tight Pants
15 August 2010

What in effin’ fashion hell was Alexandra Burke thinking when she dressed up like this? Sure, we love girls in tight pants but Alexandra, everything about your ensemble is wrong wrong wrong. And to think we included you in our list of celebrities with sensible fashion styles and choices. Redeem yourself, girl!

alexandra burke bikini photos

Not like that, honey! That’s no way to redeem yourself fashion-wise. You’re asking for a daddy spanking is how people are going to interpret what you are doing.

Okay, so maybe Alex will not turn out to be the fashion icon our friend Kevin imagined her to become – sort of a one-two punch combination – but she got the pipes. If she takes care of it and if she makes the right moves, it’s likely that she will go a long, long way in the competitive music business – despite her sometimes ridiculous outfits. What do you think Famewatchers?