Alexander Skarsgard Leather Pants by Prada

Alexander Skarsgard Leather Pants by Prada. Today in male celebrity leather pants, we bring you Alexander Skarsgard who posed this year for the pages of GQ Germany.

Alexander Skarsgard leather pants by Prada

Ain’t the Swedish actor looking as handsome the first time we first saw him several years ago. We didn’t think he can pull off a 70s-style mustache but look at him, he is really rocking the look. It would be fun if he plays the role of a gym teacher with that stache, no? A gym teacher who loves to go shirtless in the gym to the delight of his female students.

Anyhoo, for those of you who are wondering, Alexander’s leather pants is from the current menswear collection by Prada. Here’s another photo of our shirtless Alex rocking his tight Prada leather pants.

alexander skarsgard leather pants shirtless

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the popularity of mens leather pants may wax and wane but it will never completely disappear. It’s just too good a look to let go. Sure more and more men will balk at the idea of wearing real leather because of the ethical implications of wearing real animal skin (thanks PETA) but faux leather is getting more and more popular as they get better in copying the real deal.

Anyways, what’s Alex been doing since we last blogged about him? Well, he’s been busy acting in a show called Big Little Lies for which he won his very first Emmy Award. Yay. Belated congratulations to the man. When he first came to the scene via True Blood, our friend Deena thought Alex is just a pretty Swedish boy. He’s since proven to her and to the world that he’s got the acting chops.

alexander skarsgard emmy trophy

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he’ll win more awards (maybe even an Oscar) in the coming years.

Alexander Skarsgard Leather Pants by Prada. Posted 6 December 2017. Last updated: April 21, 2020 at 5:07 am.