Alexander Rybak Gay, Girlfriend, and Shirtless Photos

Alexander Rybak Gay, Girlfriend, Shirtless Photos. Wow, time flew. Eleven years after we first blogged about Alexander, we decided to update this post to answer some of your queries. For instance, does he now have a girlfriend?

Yes he does according to relationship history website Apparently, our Alexander has been dating a Norwegian violinist named Maria Strøm Slyngstad. The two have been seeing each other since 2010. Here’s a magazine photo featuring Alex and Maria.

alexander rybak girlfriend Maria Strom Slyngstad

Alexander Rybak Gay or Straight? Now, our Alex may be straight but, as we mentioned in our post years ago, he supports the LGBT community. He also isn’t above kissing and hugging dudes as you can see in the next photos.

alexander rybak gay kiss

Interestingly, the guy above looks like Ryan Seacrest while the man below looks like Mark Wahberg.

Okay, let us end this update with some Alexander Rybak shirtless photos for those of you who are fans of celebrity shirtless.

alexander rybak shirtless

alex rybak topless

Update 2: Alexander Rybak Girlfriend Ex is Ingrid Berg Mehus. For those of you asking if Eurovision 2009 winner Alexander Rybak has a girlfriend, we’re sorry to tell you that we don’t know the answer. Hehe. But he did have a girlfriend, Ingrid Berg Mehus, who also plays the violin as you can see in her picture.

alexander rybak girlfriend Ingrid Berg Mehus

Update: Alexander Rybak Wins Eurovision 2009. Congratulations to Alexander Rybak for winning the Eurovision Song Contest. He was the favorite going into the competition and he didn’t disappoint. And we’re pretty sure he expanded his fanbase when he said this: “Why did they (the Moscow police) spend all their energy stopping gays in Moscow when the biggest gay parade was here tonight?”

Hehe. Good question, Alexander. What say you, anti-gay Moscow officials?

alexander rybak eurovision

FIRST POST: Is Alexander Rybak the next Eurovision winner? We don’t know but he is the favorite heading into the competition. What does he think of the fact that he’s the favorite? Here’s what he says in an interview: “I try to think about being the favourite as a good thing as it means people like my song. The prize for me is to be in Eurovision, that is the prize in itself.”

Alexander Rybak is an ethnic Belarussian singing in English for Norway.

We hope you watched his video. Now, we’re not surprised why Alexander Rybak is the Eurovision favorite. He’s quite charming (with a likable impishness about him, you know like a naughty nephew) and his song piece is great. Unlike, say, the UK’s dirge-like and annoying entry, It’s My Time.

Alexander Rybak Gay, Girlfriend, Shirtless Photos – Eurovision Champion. First posted 1 May 2009. Last updated: May 21, 2020 at 14:42 pm.