Alexander Rossi Shirtless Pics and Girlfriend Kameron Combs

Alexander Rossi Height. We thought Alex’s girlfriend would be taller than him because racing drivers tend to be short but it turns out that he is 6’1″ which is really tall for his sport. By way of comparison, here’s a height list for some of his contemporaries: Will Stevens (5′7″), Rio Haryanto (5′ 7″), and Marco Andretti (5′ 8″).

alexander rossi height - hot indycar nascar formula one driver

How hot is this guy? He’s got that Hollywood good looks going for him, for sure! With his Indy victory and the fact that Jalopnik is calling him “America’s Next Great Racing Hero”, we expect a long line of advertisers knocking at his door!

alexander rossi sexy hot

Another Anthony Rossi shirtless pic.

alexander rossi shirtless body


alexander rossi winning atalexrossi16