Alex Ranghieri Shirtless, Underwear, Volleyball Hunk

Alex Ranghieri Shirtless, Underwear, Volleyball Hunk. We were supposed to add the first photo below in our post on Hot Male Volleyball Players but we keep finding gorgeous pics of the guy with his washboard abs and perfectly sculpted body so we decided to write this post that’s solely focused on his gorgeousness.

Famewatchers, meet Alex Ranghieri. He is an Italian volleyball player who has represented his country in the Olympic Games as well as other international competitions. He also does some underwear modeling on the side particularly with the brand Intimissimi Uomo.

alex ranghieri shirtless hairy chest

Here’s Andrea posing in his Intimissimi boxer briefs. Damn! This guy is a total hottie, isn’t he? And he’s got the body hair that we totally love because the amount is just right. It is not zero and it is not overgrown so it is right in the Goldilocks zone of being right smack to our liking. Want more celebrity chest hair?

hot male volleyball player - Alex Ranghieri - italian olympian

You can find more gorgeous photos of our Italian sports hunk on his Instagram page (follow him @alexranghieri).

hot male volleyball player - Alex Ranghieri - vanity fair

hot male volleyball player - Alex Ranghieri - wet

alex ranghieri gay or girlfriend

alex ranghieri underwear model - intimissimi uomo

Our volleyball hunk is, apparently, also connected with the Italian Air Force. Here’s a photo of one of Alex’s triumphs shared by the Twitter account of the Italian Air Force:

Ranghieri and his teammate, Matteo Ingrosso, won the championship (Campionato Italiano Assoluto Beach Volley). From what we gathered from the internets, this is the third time our model/airman/volleyball won the trophy in this event as he also won back in 2014 and 2015.

alex ranghieri italian air force

Here’s our beach volleyball hunk playing with the Italian tri-color. According to the Beach Volleyball database ( which may or may not be up-to-date, Alex has won three international titles in the FIVB world tour.

alex ranghieri beach volleyball hunk

He also represented Italy in the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games but he and his teammate succumbed to a fellow Italian team which went on to win the silver medal.

Alex Ranghieri Gay or Girlfriend? He is straight and has a girlfriend according to a recent July 2020 story on which quotes the elite volleyballer as saying that he likes “to spend time with my girlfriend, and I like motocross, downhill, and kayaking. I like high-adrenaline activities. I also like buying houses and investing money in the real estate business. It takes a lot of effort but it makes me happy.”

hot italian male underwear model

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