Alberto Rosende Shirtless, Underwear, Gay, Girlfriend

Alberto Rosende Shirtless, Underwear, Gay, Girlfriend. Today in celebrity chest hair, we bring you 27-year-old actor Alberto Rosende who’s looking gorgeous in his shirtless ensemble of trousers and leather jacket.

The hot Latino hunk — he is part Cuban and part Colombian according to his wikipedia profile — currently stars as Blake Gallo on the NBC series Chicago Fire which he joined last year as a series regular. He also plays the same character as a recurring guest on Chicago PD.

Alberto Rosende chest hair

More shirtless hot photos of the actor from a photoshoot he did for Vulkan Magazine.

Alberto Rosende shirtless body

Alberto Rosende shirtless

Aside from the Chicago shows, the young actor has starred in six other acting projects the most prominent of which would be the Freeform supernatural drama Shadowhunters where he played the role of the vampire Simon Lewis. Unfortunately, the series was cancelled after its third season but, unlike some shows, it was given more episodes to have a proper conclusion. This means you can stream the show on Netflix without fear that it won’t have a proper ending.

Alberto rocking his sweatpants with Shadowhunters co-star Dominic Sherwood who plays the shadowhunter Jace Herondale and who looks just as good in his shirtless in sweatpants ensemble.

guys in sweatpants alberto rosende with dominic sherwood

Because the actors look oh-so-good together, its no surprised that fans started shipping Simon and Jace as #jimon. Want more guys in sweatpants?

alberto rosende gay or straight with dominic sherwood

The actors, bless their heart, were kinda into it too.

alberto rosende dominic sherwood lovers


alberto rosende dominic sherwood love team

Kissy kissy.

alberto rosende gay kiss dominic sherwood

Alberto Rosende Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? He is straight and is reportedly dating Shadowhunters co-star Tessa Mossey. Here’s the couple attending the Teen Choice Awards.

Alberto Rosende girlfriend tessa mossey

Alberto Rosende Underwear: Boxers or Briefs? Looks like he — rather the character he plays — is a boxer shorts kind of guy as you can see in these screencaps. This one’s from an episode of Chicago Fire:

Alberto Rosende underwear boxers - chicago fire

And the next one is from Shadowhunters:

Alberto Rosende underwear boxer shorts

Who says you can’t work out during quarantine? Certainly not Alberto. We grabbed this image from his Instagram page which you might want to follow @albertorosende.

Alberto Rosende body workout

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