Ajay Friese Shirtless Abs, Girlfriend, Ethnicity

Ajay Friese Shirtless Abs, Girlfriend, Ethnicity. Who’s the guy with sculpted washboard abs chillin’ by the pool in his red shorts? Is he a spy? Nah, he looks too young to be a spy and a guy in the espionage biz would not wear a colorful outfit that attracts attention. Is he a model? A singer? Perhaps, an actor?

Ajay Friese hot abs shirtless body in shorts

Yes! Yes! Yes to all three! His name is Ajay Friese and he is indeed a model, singer, and actor. If you’ve been watching Lost in Space in Netflix, then you are already familiar with him because he played the role of Vijay Dhar on the show.

ajay friese lost in space

ajay friese fashion style red carpet

Aside from Lost in Space, Ajay’s acting projects include guest appearances in Riverdale and The Oder. Oh, he was also in the batshit crazy show Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency headlined by Samuel Barnett which was, sadly, cancelled by BBC America. To date, Ajay starred in a total of 12 movies and TV shows including the upcoming crime mystery movie, Coming Soon.

In the modeling front, here’s a modeling photo he did for a used wear shop called Elysium Closet (below) and made it to the editorial pages of Elle Magazine India which references his upcoming movie.

Ajay Friese model

ajay friese model magazine editorial

In the music front, his rendition of Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds is actually included in the soundtrack of Lost in Space. To date, he has written and sang a total of six songs that include Jasper, Blackberry, Beauty’s So Raw, Your Eyes, Pyjamas, and Higher Stakes.

Ajay Friese singer hot

In an interview with ailovemusic.net, here’s what he says about what inspired him to become a musician and what’s his musical journey been like so far:

As a baby, I would always be humming songs, and when I was three I learned the violin. As I got older, tunes and lyrics began popping into my head all the time, so I learned to play the guitar and started to write down and sing my own songs. I can get ‘into my head’ at times when I am really focused. I guess it was filled with all those songs waiting to get out. For sure I had times when I was that kid who didn’t want to practice, but when the time came, the music flowed.

ajay friese singer

Ajay Friese Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? Is that his girlfriend? Nah, that’s Hannah Marks who was his co-star in Dirk Gently. We have no information on the actor’s relationship status at the moment but we will update this post once we do have the info.

ajay friese girlfriend or not - hannah marks dirk gently

Ajay Friese Ethnic Background. He is mixed race. According to everybodywiki.com, his mother (Margie Parikh) is originally from India while his dad (Lonn Friese) traces his roots from Finland, Germany, Lithuania, and Poland.

Want more shirtless photos of our up-and-coming Hollywood actor? Of course you do! We grabbed these as well as the images above from his Instagram page which you might want to follow @friendlybrownkid.

Ajay Friese shirtless selfie

Ajay Friese shirtless body

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