Aitor Ocio Shirtless, Underwear, Football Player, Gay or Girlfriend

Aitor Ocio Shirtless, Underwear, Football Player, Gay or Girlfriend. We’re late to the party but it’s better late than never, isn’t it? What party are we talking about? It’s the “Aitor Ocio Appreciation Party or the Oh My He Makes Me Want to Do the Dirty With Him Party”.

hot spanish men aitor ocio suit

Apparently, this sexy Spanish footballer dude has been playing football since 1994 but it’s only now – over seven months since his retirement – that we discovered his awesome hotness.

aitor ocio shirtless sexy short shorts

Damn! He rocks his Y-Front briefs underwear, doesn’t he? Want more Men in Y Front Briefs?

aitor ocio underwear ropa interior

The commentariat gals and gheys of Kikette have obsessed over him for some time so let’s check out what they’ve been saying about our Spanish football hunk.

It goes without saying that the following comments express what we feel about Aitor Ocio:

  • HOOOOLY Mother of… Where is the temple so I can worship him? I have no words. That torso gives Cris a run for his money!
  • *bites her fist* I had to come back for another stare. C Ron is forgotten. I want THAT ONE! *points and wails*
  • oh my god. That body is as close to perfection as it gets and he’s newly single????!!! Why would you let that go.Whats the weather like in bilbao at this time of year cos I’m suddenly feeling the need to visit.
  • I can’t stop looking at these photos. I have popped in about once every hour today just for another glance. Holy christ on a cracker this man is perfection!
  • I think we have enough fans here to rent a private plane! Come on girls, no time to waste, the man is on the market! Run!

Aitor Ocio Shirtless Football Model. So there! As we were saying, the above comments captures what we feel when we were ogling these photos of our Aitor. Here he is sizzling in his leather short shorts.

He goes for a slutty pose which he rocks and which makes us love him even more. He apparently loves him his Dirk Bikkembergs underwear.

The mark of a truly hot guy is whether he sizzles not only when he’s stripped to his undies but also when he is fully clothed.

Aitor definitely passes this test for he also sizzles in his tuxedo suit.

aitor ocio tuxedo suit

Heck, he even sizzles when he’s simply choosing his necktie. Haha.

aitor ocio underwear - boxer briefs

Aitor Ocio Gay or Girlfriend? So what is Aitor’s relationship status like? Is he married? Does he have a girlfriend? Or, uhm, boyfriend?

According to wikipedia, “Ocio had a relationship with model Laura S├ínchez, with whom he had a daughter, Naia”. We don’t know if the girl below is Laura but we’re guessing she’s not. Update: A July 2012 news report mentions that Aitor is dating a girl named Barbara.

aitor ocio girlfriend or wife

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Aitor Ocio Shirtless, Underwear, Football Player, Gay or Girlfriend. Posted 12 January 2013. Updated 19 May 2017.