Adolf Hitler Watercolor Paintings and Other Famous Portraits

Adolf Hitler Watercolor Paintings. Whatever happened to Adolf’s paintings which, last time we wrote about it in 2009, was supposed to be auctioned off? Did someone buy it or were no one interested and they ended up in some trash can?

Apparently, according to an NY Daily News report, the set of 15 paintings — which include the ones pictured in our first post below — sold at 97,672 pounds ($143,358). Someone’s got a lot of money, huh?

Adolf Hitler Watercolor Paintings (26 March 2009, updated). Was Adolf Hitler an artist? Yes he was. He may not be as the guy who painted the Sistine Chapel but he’s an artist nonetheless.

adolf hiter watercolor painting bridge

These images are reportedly his paintings, done when he was 21 years old. These artworks will be auctioned off sometime in April. We know nothing about paintings so we gotta admit that we don’t know whether these are good or not. Haha.

adolf hitler artist painter

adolf hitler watercolor painting

adolt hitler teen artist

hitler artist painting water color

Leonardo da Vinci (25 February 2009). Should we be a bit skeptical of the report that they discovered a portrait of Leonardo da Vinci? We don’t know about you but, we must admit that we are. Not that we don’t trust Nicola Barbatelli, who believes that this newly discovered portrait of the artist is real, its just that we’ve been burned before believing discovery stories of this kind.

leonardo da vinci genuine or fake portrait

But hey, if the above image is a real portrait of da Vinci, maybe Tom Hanks and his friends can come up with a movie depicting the story behind it.

Here’s a real da Vinci self-portrait.

leonardo da vinci self portrait real

And here’s the Daily Mail report on this discovery: A previously unknown portrait of Leonardo da Vinci which shows he had bright blue eyes, long grey hair and a droopy moustache has been discovered in an ancient Italian village… The painting was originally believed to portray Galileo Galilei, the astronomer, and shows a man in three-quarter profile wearing a hat with a feather in it.”

More from the Mail: “Nicola Barbatelli, medieval historian, who found the painting while researching the Knights Templar, said that although Leonardo came from Vinci in Tuscany and worked in Florence and Milan, he was known to have visited Basilicata. It could even be a self-portrait, as it has da Vinci’s trademark ‘Pinxit Mea’ written on the back. Mr Barbatelli told The Times: ‘We know that Leonardo had ties to a Florentine family, the Segnis, who had property in Acerenza in the Sixteenth Century’.”

Shakespeare Portrait: Fake or Real? (09 March 2009). Look who sat for a portrait when he was in his 40s but who looks as young as Zac Efron? It’s the bard himself, William Shakespeare. Maybe the artist who painted our Shakespeare made him look young to flatter him (don’t we all want to be flattered)? Or maybe Shakespeare knows where the fountain of youth is located and has been drinking from it?

shakespeare real or fake portrait

Just to be clear, we’re not casting doubt on the authenticity of this portrait because Stanley Wells, the world’s top expert on Shakespeare, has pronounced that this portrait is the bard indeed. We’re only wondering why he looks so young for a man in his 40s.

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