Celebrities Wearing Adidas Hoodie Jackets and Sweatshirts

celebrities wearing adidas

Celebrities Wearing Adidas Hoodie Jackets and Sweatshirts. Rugby player Danny Cipriani is very much like a walking advertisement for the German clothing company, Adidas. We won’t be surprised if he’s wearing Adidas underwear (is it boxers or briefs, eh Danny?) to match his Adidas shoes, running pants, and hoodie jacket. Want more male celebrity jackets?

Adidas Samba Shoes: Celebrities Wearing Adidas Samba Shoes

Adidas Samba Shoes Celebrity Fan Robert Pattinson

Adidas Samba Shoes Celebrity Fan: Robert Pattinson. Look who’s got himself a pair of the awesome Adidas Samba shoes? It’s Twilight vampire boy, Robert Pattinson! RPattz may often have questionable fashion choices and he may look like he just woke up most of the time but we gotta give him props for knowing how to pick a good pair of shoes.

Adidas Speedo Swim Briefs: Tom Daley and Male Models

adidas speedo swim briefs - tom daley2

Adidas Speedo Swim Briefs 2017 Update. We are updating this post to add photos of Tom Daley and his Speedo suits. The British diver is probably the most famous man these days ever spotted wearing Adidas swimbriefs, no? Does he have a sponsorship deal with the apparel company? We hope he does and we hope it is lucrative for him. From where we sit, he has single handedly made Adidas Speedos cool to millenials.