Adidas Speedo Swim Briefs: Tom Daley and Male Models

Adidas Speedo Swim Briefs For Men. We are updating this post to add photos of Tom Daley and his Speedo suits. The British diver is probably the most famous man these days ever spotted wearing Adidas swimbriefs, no? Does he have a sponsorship deal with the apparel company? We hope he does and we hope it is lucrative for him. From where we sit, he has single-handedly made Adidas swimwear cool to millenials.

Anyhoo, here are some photos of Tom Daley rocking his Adidas swim briefs.

adidas speedo swim briefs

You sure deserve them two thumbs up, Tommy!

adidas speedo swim briefs - tom daley2

Now, here’s a random dude looking cool and hot in his squarecut Adidas Speedo swimwear. If you happen to know the name of this guy, do tell us so we will ID him properly. Danke! [Want more men in swimwear? Go check out these American flag Speedo.]

adidas speedo swim briefs - male model

Now, who are these three cuties hanging out in their Adidas Speedo swim briefs?

adidas speedo swim briefs male models - adidas performance store

Well, according to a poster at the, the trio are male models at the door of the Adidas Performance store in London. The queue to their right are apparently waiting for Tom Daley who was doing a book-signing session inside the store.

OUR PREVIOUS POST ON ADIDAS SPEEDO SWIM BRIEFS (Posted 13 January 2010): Want more men in swimsuits? Here’s Swedish/Caribbean male model Daniel Norell in his Adidas Speedo black swimsuit. Check out the other male swimmers below in their Adidas swimwear.

adidas speedo swim briefs for men

Aww, two wet Speedo lovebirds sitting on a tree.

adidas swimwear for men2

Okay, we’re just being silly. We don’t know if they are lovebirds (chances are, they are not) and there’s obviously no tree for miles around them. But they’re wet and they’re in their Speedos so we got two of four right! Haha.

Who is this cutie of a swimmer? Can anyone identify him. Hehe. He is the kind of man we’d like to bring home to mama. We’re pretty sure we’re not the only ones thinking about that. Hehehe.

adidas swimwear for men 2017

Aha, here’s another swimmer guy that some of you dream of bringing home to mama. Dream on, baby. It’s free and not bad for your health.

adidas swimwear for men6

Note: Actually, there’s no such thing as Adidas Speedo because Adidas and Speedo are two different brands. But its interesting how Speedo has become synonymous to swimwear so some of you guys are googling for “Adidas Speedos”.

Adidas Speedo Swim Briefs: Tom Daley and Male Models. Posted 13 January 2010. Last updated: August 24, 2023 at 2:18 am.