Adidas Shorts for Men: Celebrities and Male Models

Adidas Shorts for Men: Celebrities and Male Models. Let’s add these male models wearing Adidas short pants to our Adidas sports wear collection. In an age when “short pants” refer to pants which are cut below the knees, it’s good to know that a major sportswear company still manufactures the real short pants for men. Way to go, Adidas.

adidas shorts for men

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adidas shorts for men are sexy

mens adidas shorts

Want more men in shorts? Better yet, check out the famous celebrities below in their Adidas short pants.

Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic, seen here wearing Adidas tennis shorts, brings the funny whether on or off court. Sadly for the German sportswear label, Novak left Adidas and went on to ink a very rick endorsement contract with Italian brand Sergio Tacchini.

[Update: Apparently, it was Adidas who didn’t extend Novak’s sponsorship contract and got Andy Murray instead. It was a bad move on their part because Novak went on to win Wimbledon and currently ranks as the number one player in the world. Murray, meanwhile, remains without any Grand Slam title. Whoever decided to let go of Djokovic should be fired by Adidas, no?]

adidas shorts for men novak djokovic

For his part, up and coming Hollywood A-Lister Zac Efron need no endorsement deals before he wears an Adidas short pants. It seems like he genuinely likes the brand because he’s usually seen wearing Adidas outfits when he’s doing sporty stuff like sprinting to the gym.

adidas shorts for men zac efron

Another famous celeb who appears to be fond of Adidas is Hugh Jackman. We often see photos of him working out in his Adidas outfits. In fact, he leads our list of celebrities wearing Adidas.

celebrities wearing adidas shorts for men

We didn’t expect Joe Jonas to be doing ab crunches in what looks like a public park but there’s nothing wrong with that, right? What shorts is he wearing? Apparently, it’s called the Adidas Response Baggy Shorts.

adidas baggy shorts

Lastly, check out these members of the Russian football team – Roman Pavlyuchenko, Sergei Semak, Vasily Berezutsky, and Pavel Pogrebnyak – and their World Cup uniform especially designed by Adidas.

adidas football shorts

Do you know any other famous men who love them their Adidas shorts?

Adidas Shorts for Men: Celebrities and Male Models. Posted 30 July 2010. Updated 30 May 2017.