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Adan Canto Shirtless Hunk. We did not watch The Following last year so we were, sadly, unaware of the gorgeousness of Adan Canto. Thankfully, the crime drama series is coming back on Fox so we intend to correct our mistake and sit in front of the boob tube to see what’s going to happen to Paul Torres (the character Adan plays) and his relationship with Jacob Wells (played by the equally gorgeous Nico Tortorella).

adan canto shirtless hot tank top

Will they continue their love affair and give us bed scenes like the one below? Or will they find other lovers and go their separate ways?

adan canto gay who is other guy

We hope they don’t split, no? Just looking at photos of these two together makes us think they are meant to be a couple IRL. Hehehe. Want more Latino Hunks?

Adan Canto gay the following with Nico Tortorella

Ooops. Just found out on wikipedia that Adan’s character has been killed by no less than his lover. So there’s no riding off to the sunset between Paul and Jacob after all. Whattabummer!

The consolation is that, according to Adan in an interview with, his character will be popping up occasionally in flashback scenes.

Here’s what he said: “Well, I don’t want to spoil it for you…[Seriously] No, you’ll see glimpses of him in a flashback, but Paul has passed. RIP…Paul has passed. I love those comments. I love that people become so involved that way, that they’re affected by it. They really want to hear he’ll possibly come back. I love that. I’m really grateful for all that support.”

Is Adan gay in real life? The denizens of seem to think so as evidenced in their gay-o-meter reading for the hunky 32-year old actor: “According to 39 visitors Adan Canto is 70% gay. The average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Adan Canto has been voted highly gay.”

What did gay diva Kathy Griffin say about gay dudes being the only ones who can have six pack washboard abs? Nah, we don’t think this makes Adan gay.

adan canto shirtless  body washboard abs

We can’t find an underwear photo of our Mexican hunk so you’ll have to settle for this “towel around his waist” photo. Hehe.

adan canto shirtless - the following - mexican hunk

Does Adan have a girlfriend? We’ve been trying to find the answer to this question but we can’t find any. However he was seen holding hands with a pretty girl in last year’s American Idol finalists’ party and said girl may be his girlfriend. If you know Adan’s relationship status, do tell us in the comments. Muchas Gracias.

2020 Update: Contrary to what voters think, Adan is actually straight and married. He tied the knot with Stephanie Lindquist in 2017. Here’s a photo from their wedding we grabbed from his Facebook page:

adan canto wife stephanie - wedding

Also, since we blogged about him back in 2014, he has since gone on to star in several big projects like Designated Survivor, Blood and Oil, and Mixology from which we screencapped the images of him in his boxer briefs.

adan canto underwear boxer briefs in mixology

adan canto underwear boxer briefs in mixology2

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